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What do we want and what we are willing to do to get it? This keeps changing for us in an ongoing manner. As we change our beliefs from doubts. fears and limitations to trust, faith and unlimited possibilities, we begin considering things we most likely never considered before. The idea of having unlimited ability to create the life we would love to have, may have never been considered as being available to us, so why make our self feel unworthy, by even considering what we would do if we could, because we knew (belief system in action) that it wasn’t for us so we probably never spent any time and energy even considering what we would do if we could. As our conscious awareness expands, we start to think differently and begin to expand what we want, because our trust and faith is taking place of old doubts and fears and we are beginning to honor our inner truth of our spiritual foundation, which is one and indivisible and has unlimited power to create anything that we believe that we can. Abundance of love, wisdom and prosperity is ours any time we decide to believe that this is true and accept it consciously and put it to work. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. So lets create our heaven here on earth, it’s up to us.
Here is an encouragement to consider, take the responsibility to improve your life and give yourself what want, then create it.

Golden Age Messages from the Masters
Living as a 5th Dimensional Master

Part 2 ~ May 2015

Are you seeking a much higher purpose so your heart can feel its full potential to live and to love as a 5th dimensional master? The times for doing this are here now and we invite each of you to take full advantage of the spiritual support we are now offering you to live as fully awakened masters and active participants in creating whatever you know in your heart will assist in moving your consciousness and ultimately that of your world and all life into the 5th dimension. This is where you will find real freedom from the fear-based thoughts and feelings that established your third dimensional world after the fall of Atlantis.

Ascended Masters Saint Germain and Lady Portia and their Councils who are here to assist you living as 5th dimensional Masters
Mail Attachment

You are awakening to your heart’s longing to live as your God Presence and to once more be aligned with the unlimited eternal world of the Divine, rather than the temporary limited world of form. What if this could take place while you are still living in your body? What if this could change your concepts around time and matter?

Although you are becoming increasingly aware of how quickly time is passing, it is actually moving even faster than you might imagine! People who have had out-of-body experiences usually report being gone for days, only to return and find that only a short time has elapsed.

The truth is that everything is happening in the now and time is an illusionary device that has been accepted by the mind as a way to measure your experiences. This will become even more apparent as your consciousness continues to shift into alignment with the quantum or no-time zones that exist in the higher dimensions.

Everything in your 3rd dimensional world is not really as it appears, and in fact, the mind of your Presence can travel faster than the speed of Light!

You are in the process of realigning with levels of your being that your ancient DNA is already familiar with, so from here-on, it is a simply a matter of re-learning or re-membering what you may have forgotten. Since we are very much in support of you moving into the masterful, 5th dimensional levels of your consciousness, we are here to assist you and to keep reminding you that you are much greater than you might imagine. In fact, you are on the Earth now and have always been to be conscious co-creators with God.

You are becoming increasingly aware of your true purpose for being on Earth during the current Shift in the Ages. Do you know that you are here to co-create many changes to aid humanity in making its ascension into the 5th dimension?

This may involve letting go of any limited beliefs of who you thought you were and all the belief structures that have supported any false identities. As you continue to awaken, you can assist others through this shift in consciousness. Certain events are still needing to be played out to ensure that important lessons are learned and that as many souls as possible are given the opportunity to ascend.

If you take the time to look back over your life or perhaps even your past lives, you will see that all of your experiences have strengthened your resolve to keep expanding your consciousness. Some of your experiences may have tested you to the very limits of your endurance, but now you can look at them realizing that everything has actually strengthened you and helped to make you an effective wayshower for others.

Evolution is a perpetual process of merging with your God Presence as well as learning from those who have mastered living in the higher dimensions. We are here to guide you into experiences that are in harmony with you living as a 5th dimensional Master until the higher vibrations of love and peace are natural and the lower fear-based energies are non-existent.

This is what you have been working towards for millennia of time and now you simply need to go into the silence of your heart and choose what you want to create to support the ascension of Earth and all life upon her.

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School ~ Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

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