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Some of us get it, some of us don’t. Those of us that get it, no matter how much or how little that may be, are the ones who work at it, the ones whose intention is to become more consciously aware of more of their innate potential. We have unlimited power and we are capable of doing anything we believe we can do, it is and always has been up to us. What are we working on? How are we using our energy? Are we proving to ourselves that we can or that we can’t? The choice is and always has been up to us, this is our movie and we are the creator. A lot of us are unaware of how many doubts, fears and limitations are subconsciously hidden in our belief system that may have been convincing us that we are limited in ability and unable to achieve what we would really like to have in our life, so we have accepted that others can accomplish the benefits of their lives but not us. We are not sure why we aren’t capable to achieve our hearts desires, but we have accepted that we can’t. Existence does not create failures, our minds do, change your mind, the way you think and you can change your life. This can be as easy as you believe it can be or as impossible as you believe it is. I know this from my own experience, I learned how to be in charge of my life instead of feeling that I was a victim and it was so easy, I just had to change my focus from doubt and fear to trust and faith and work at it.
I decided to choose to feel good instead of feeling negative, so start using this every time you feel doubts, fears or negativity of any kind, for any reason

I Don’t Do That Any More, I AM Feeling Good, (a great way to create a better life.)

Here is something to think about and put to work, from Hilarion

by Marlene Swetlishoff
June 14-21, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Each of you is stretching for the potential that rests within. This potential beckons you onward, poignant in its endless possibilities and its creative energies help open the flow to needed movement and direction. These are creating inner growth and are not outwardly seen but inwardly felt. Follow your heart in all things. Former ways of doing things are now evolving as you follow your inner direction with faith and determination. Your trust in your intuition is becoming more developed and the insight provided into your own inner workings provides a greater awareness of the people and situations that surround you. As you practice being still and quiet, an inner knowingness comes, a spiritual energy that focuses on understandings that come from a place beyond one’s reason. As you give your inner guidance from the higher aspects of yourself the opportunity to manifest, your own intuition becomes a reality in its operation in your daily life. The key is to take the time to be still and know that you are on the right track.

The creativity you hold within you unfolds now and you find new levels of expression for it as you reach for ever greater expansion in finding ways to share your richness and goodness with the world. This opens you to the abundance of the universe and the greater gifts that you have acquired throughout time and the evolution of your inner growth begins to find physical expression. Your belief in your self and your value and worth intensifies as you further align to this higher inner direction. You realize that the only limitations you experience are those that you put on yourself and you seek to break those crystallized forms so that you can further expand into areas that uncover ever greater potential. As the limits of your conscious mind are removed, you raise your energy level and your frequency to the next step in your ongoing evolution of consciousness.

As you give ever greater focus to the spiritual values, your heart opens and you become more aware of the intensity of the spirit within which seeks ever greater manifestation in your reality. You are entering into a new phase of inner and outer development. This development comes in ebbs and flows, sometimes the inner guidance encourages withdrawal from the world around you, and this inner growth then seeks manifestation in the outer world. It is important to be yourself, to know who you are and stay grounded in that knowing. There are new beginnings that are coming forward and previously hidden facets of your self coming into expression. Allowing this new direction to take shape brings new perspectives and a new level of your inner truth comes forward to be acknowledged and fully integrated. This will open you to an ever greater understanding and expansion of yourself.

Allow this new level of truth to touch into all aspects of your life. Personal wisdom is gained through experience and is guiding and opening you to the greater mysteries of the universe. It lightens your spirit and brings you to a greater awareness that you have the freedom to be or do whatever you want; all you have to do is claim the right to do so. The choices before you are limitless and all you have to do is take the action necessary to claim them as yours. To be abundant in your world is to experience the joy of creation. What you set in motion returns to you. You are in control of each situation that you encounter by what you choose to empower. The universal energy of creation is always present and this cosmic balance and perfection is reflected within you, recognize this and come into the rhythm with creation.

There must be a balance between the spiritual and the physical. There is always a pattern, an order and a system that is in operation to every creation that manifests. There is a constant flow of energy which comes from different realms that gifts the seeds of wisdom that is required for your ongoing evolution and enlightenment. This wisdom puts you in touch with the light that illuminates your connection with the infinite. Your personal star is waiting to shine in your life.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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