Life Coach, MetaPhysician

If we had any real idea of what is going on in our world, we would do anything we could do, to make ourselves more available, to receiving the benefits that are now being offered to us. Our 3 D realities are being changed into Fifth Dimensional possibilities, as we choose to see the values of change, our perceptions begin to broaden and conscious awareness expands. This all starts as I recognize the value of my friend in the mirror, as I realize the value of this person I’ve created, I free myself to be able to see the value in everything and everybody, when I’m O.K, then so is everything and everybody else as well, I just hadn’t been able to understand it. I am now able to focus my judgment on what’s right instead of what I thought was wrong, wow, what a difference that makes. Now the idea of conscious change becomes the focus of my intention. Every time I look for and find value in what I see, especially in the mirror, life becomes more and more beautiful. Now my focused intention is on how I can help to make this life a better life and this world a better world, by being a better me. Change your focused intention on looking for the beauty of what you see and everything changes, especially you.

A Grander Goal
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Timing of the Great Shift”
March 2009 in Madrid, Spain

It serves no Human Being to believe that there is so much fear that they’re going to perish. That’s what your contract is, to hold that light, in every country, in every language. There are many doing what you’re doing. There is a grander goal here than just living through your life and hoping you make it. There’s the goal where you actually are responsible for changing the energy of the planet, one day at a time, in joy and with health and purpose.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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