Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We need to recheck our level of honesty. Are we really as positive and confident as we would like to be? Are we really grateful for the difficult challenges that occur again and again in our life. Do we see the value of our experiences and the value that is available from what we observe in our outer world, or are we still judgmental of what we may think should be done? When we share with others what we think is good for them or what we think is the answer to their problems, are we coming from spiritual truth or what we may have decided is the way to go? Do we still have our own doubts and fears or have we become consciously aware of the true value of ourselves and our gifts of experience. If we are still fussing with negativity of any kind and in any way insecure, we may still have hidden insecurities of self worth and self trust. Low self esteem and self worth is a universal challenge for all of us, that is everyone’s spiritual challenge to transform. We all came here with 100% power to transform any limiting beliefs, doubts and fears into conscious awareness of the value of our existence, but until we decide to be totally honest with ourselves about ourselves, our true self value may be hidden in our childhood belief system. Think about it and see if there is anything that you may not be aware of that would increase your unlimited power to know your spiritual truth and be able to understand and share what you really are, with increased love and affection and truly achieve self acceptance of your self, as is.We are exactly what we are the way we are. This is the essential step in our progression of spiritual awareness, when I’m O.K. just as I am, so is everyone else, just the way they are. Here is some inspiration to consider.

Connecting with Your I Am Presence
Embracing the Flow of Life
Galactic energy flows continuously, assisting in raising our vibrations. It is a gift that intensifies our potential for more synchronistic moments.I AM that I AM that I AM

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