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Our mind is tricky, it does its best to protect us from pain, fear and fear of more pain to come. When ever we feel attacked and even a difference of opinion can be perceived as a threat to us,we react, in reaction to stress related encounters, we automatically function from our belief system’s methods of survival. What we may not realize is that our stress related reactions were created, by us, before we were 7 years old and live in the subconscious part of our mind. So under stress or perceived threats, we are reacting with the self created protections of our childhood realities, we are not responding consciously. When we choose to respond consciously, we recognize the situation we are involved in as a creative challenge, we see experience as a teacher of creative possibilities and realize that if it’s there we can learn something of value from dealing with it. Experience is a blessing in disguise, to enhance our inner growth. Our higher self is always attracting lessons to us, that have values for us to become aware of. When we look for value and find it we have become in Synchronicity with the truth of that experience. There is positive value in everything, we need to choose to look for it and a good place to practice looking for it is in the mirror. Here is some information on Synchronicity that may be of value to you.

Divine Synchronization
A Message from the Angels by Ann Albers

The entire universe is designed to operate in a harmonious dance of divine synchronization. If you listen to your heart’s guidance, you will find yourself easily drawn to those you can assist or uplift and as well those dear souls who can assist and uplift you.

You are never alone and there is never a time when your needs are ignored. Look at all of creation! Ecosystems operate in a delicate and beautiful balance. Planets revolve precisely around stars which revolve in a graceful dance in the galaxies. Everything and every being in the natural universe is guided, cared for, and cherished in the heavens.

The human mind, however, loves to think of itself as separate. It is like a computer – a beautiful, amazing computer that you were gifted with upon your incarnation into this earthly life. It is a tool to be used, but not ever intended to be an authority over your heart.

So when you have a need or desire, before you even try to “figure out” how to handle or create it, stop and sit quietly. Breathe and focus on what it is you wish to create – perhaps a problem being solved, a challenge overcome, or an dream you would love to see manifest in your life. Place your attention there first. Then say a little prayer… “Dear God, Dear Angels, I love this reality I wish to create. I would like your help. Please guide me. Let me know the next step.” Then sit and breathe and see if anything comes to mind. It might be a quick thought, words in your head, a feeling, or just a knowing. If nothing comes to your awareness, relax, there is nothing to do at this time. Enjoy your day! Give us your worries! The Divine will let you know when it is time to act. We will guide you and help you understand any energies you need to shift within your heart and soul to allow for this good to flow into your lives.

Dear ones you are an integral part of creation. Your needs matter. Your desires are born from the heart of God. And this same creator wants very much to help and assist you with the live you are being guided to live. In very human terminology… Stop stressing, start asking for more help from the heavens, and trust that you are loved and guided beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

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