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Free Metaphysical Life Coaching Training

I’ve been laying the foundation for The Game of Life, what it is, how we create each life time to offer us the kind of Spiritual Challenge we want to play with, each time choose to come to this world to play the Human Game. We never choose a life we didn’t want as our unique challenge of awareness, no matter how difficult it may be. We never choose a life and the problems that life offers us, that we couldn’t find the value of and transform into conscious understanding and then create an expression of increased light, because of what we’ve learned. We arrive on earth, with unlimited power to accomplish our earthly goals and to support each adventure. Our goals are as easy or as difficult to learn the value of, as we believe that they are. We choose each life with Trust, Faith and Enthusiasm, because we know that this life on earth,can be as valuable to this changing world as we are able to add our light of awareness to it. We are excited about each earthly challenge that we embark upon, knowing that we can be as valuable, as we are able to become, by our efforts. We believe that we can and will be an example of how to transform negative energy into positive energy for others to learn from and be inspired by. Then when we are conceived we forget the whole thing. and we become dependent on and a victim to our feelings. This is a feeling world and we feel afraid and insecure. Welcome to The Game of LIfe. I’m going to share a basic Metaphysical Life Coaching Training for all of you, that may be sincere, about making major changes in your life, using the next 10 or 11 posts. It will take a commitment from those of you that are interested enough, to do the home work, that is required to change old beliefs into new insights.The degree of change is really up to each of you. The first requirement is to reread the last 8 posts I’ve shared with you, to prepare your mind and your heart for what we are going to do. In depth problems may take more personal attention than these coming posts, but essentially, what I’m going to share, should make your life easier and simpler. Please ask me questions along the way if you feel it would help.

Akashic Inheritance
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Recalibration of The Crystalline Grid”
August 2012 in Portland, ME

When you are born, your spiritual instincts are driven by your Akashic inheritance [instinctual remembrance of what you have learned]. You know God is inside; you know that help is there; you know intuitively of your seed biology and the love of those who seeded you. All of those things are inbred in you, and it creates a Human Being who can do what no other Human Being can do at this point in time—change this planet!

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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The Power of Cellular Awareness

Every cell of our body has total recall and remembers everything we have done in every life that we have lived and can be contacted and communicated with using kinesiology. The body knows the truth of what we did and knows what we need to do to transform any doubts and fears that may still be in need of present time awareness for our spiritual progress in this life. Energy follows intention and our intention for choosing to be a human on earth, is to find the value of everything. Experience is our true teacher and when we don’t find the value of something, it becomes a lesson unlearned and remains as unfinished business, for future lives.
These are the experiences from past lives that we select as our spiritual challenges in this life. We want another opportunity to value of those experiences this time, we are doing then again and again, until we find their value. This is the essential basis for Karmic recall. Seeing is relieving. Now that we are involved in being a part of the transformation of our world, it is important for us to improve our conscious awareness, so we can be of more assistance to the progress of this changing world. When we choose to change our energy and improve our life, we add more light to this changing world. Good for us, with the use of scientific kinesiology and the wisdom of people like Bruce Lipton, change is simple, easy and self rewarding.
This is whats going on:We are entering an expanding evolutionary era so it is time for us to roll up our sleeves, take a deep breath, and help to facilitate the most important crossing of a threshold for humanity in recorded history.
Sometimes it appears that all is the same with the existing global systems still in place. However, when you read between the lines and with your hearts, you realize that changes are occurring at a deep level reaching into the core structure of the Earth and within each of us. The old ways are failing heralding the promise of a new divine blueprint. This new blueprint is awakening in more and more people every day.
We are becoming galactic humans. Keeping our eyes on the “big picture” helps us all navigate the chaos as the old power structure is being dismantled. Remember, out of chaos comes divine order.

The Game of Life begins

The Game of Life begins in the womb, in the womb, we begin to create our Spiritual Challenge of self doubt and personal limitations to play with. In the womb, for nine months, mamma and us are one person, what she thinks and feels is our first introduction to this world that we are going to be a part of and we use her feelings to create our doubts, fears and self challenges. We are getting an idea of what the world will be like and our self worth from her feelings. If you would like a scientific evaluation of what happens in the womb, please read Bruce Lipton’s The Honeymoon Effect. Our belief system is developed by us from conception to around 7 years of age, in reaction to how we reacted to others emotional expressions, we created our belief system to protect us from pain, fear and fear of more pain to come, this is a reactive function, we don’t have the ability to reason until we are 7 years old. By the time we are 7 years old our belief system has been established and in present time we will automatically react from our childhoods protective beliefs. When we change our limiting beliefs, we change our life, What we have created, only we can change, This can be a very difficult thing to do because our belief system is automatically protecting us when we are experiencing stress. With the use of bio-feedback from the body we can identify the age of cause, when we created a protecting a limiting belief, and re-program it to be constructive instead of destructive. With the assistance of a trained facilitator this can be accomplished simply, easily and effectively. We’ve been doing this in India and other countries for over 25 years with wonderful success, check our web site,

The Way The Game of Life is Established

Now that we have decided what kind of a spiritual challenge we have planned for this life, how do we make sure that we will get these problems to play with? that’s a lot of specifics to attract. We wait patiently for available parents that have some of these problems and then we can download their problems and make then ours. We choose our parents. When we do that and we solve their problems, that are now our problems too, we have solved the problem in them as well, this is a gift of love from us to them, for being our connection to this life on earth. In each life we choose the parts of their DNA that we wish to use to create the person that will fulfill our intended purpose, that will support our particular Game of Life. We are what we wanted to be, what we are, just as we are, so we can learn how to deal with the challenges we wanted to find the value of this time. We are our own creator, no matter how difficult our life may be, it’s our chosen challenge. We never create a life we can’t handle, any time we decide to choose to see life as an opportunity for conscious awareness, a means of learning how to transform the darkness of the fear and confusion of darkness, into the light of awareness and understanding. That’s the Game of Life a spiritual challenge to find the value of all of creation and be Grateful for each challenge that we receive and our ability to recognize the value of each experience. From the spiritual point of view, ‘It’s all Entertainment.”

Our Life is Our Creation Just as it is

In between lives, we choose, to look at all of the other lives that we’ve lived and we then chose to re-program the probability of being able to re-experience these experiences, we didn’t find the value of them before , perhaps we will in this next life.  We want to have another opportunity, to see if we are ready to learn the value of our choices this time. We create possibilities of specific difficulties as our Spiritual Challenge, to make sure that we have specific problems to play with. We love a life of challenge. We never create anything we didn’t wish to attract, or that we didn’t want as a challenge and we never create/ attract, any experiences that we can’t handle and find the value of. Existence doesn’t create anything that doesn’t have value and our purpose is to recognize it. If and when we do see the value of our experiences, our inner light shines brighter, lesson is learned, karma is completed, and we get stronger and wiser as a result. When we understand that we can transform any experience into conscious awareness and we choose to welcome our experiences and be grateful for them and for what we have learned from them, we are doing what we came here to do, lighten up and have a good time playing this wonderful Game of Life. We came here with 100% power and ability to be a conscious and responsible player and we forgot, it’s time to re-member, to become a conscious member again and have a good time playing at being the human you chose to be, with clear vision and awareness. Free Will means Choice and even No Choice is a Choice. Why not choose to have a good time and enjoy your life? The choice is always yours.

Why we Chose to be a Human Person

Being a human on earth is the best game around, we get a body so we can do body things, we get to play with free with will, which how we became the kind of a person, we chose to be, it’s our choice, we get to assist in the transformation of this world ,which is major part of the reason so many of us choose to be born. The transformation of this world into the 5th Dimensional reality, is an incredible event for the entire universe and it is a privilege to be an active part of it. We do our bit by choosing to look for and recognize the value of everything and it starts in the mirror. Every time we find value, it makes us feel good that we accomplished what we came here to do and our inner light shines brighter. This increased light that we accomplish by doing that and it’s done, by many people, is how this transformation, that we are accomplishing happens, we are the active ingredient. This is what we agreed to do, when we chose to be born, this is our spiritual challenge, to choose to lighten up, so we can accomplish what we came here to do. We plan our own kind of challenges to over come on purpose and I’ll talk about it tomorrow.

Today I’ve added a rather long Saul message to inspire more self Love

Hearts were made to be filled with Love.

from John Smallman

All your blocks are coming up for release, that is why you keep experiencing them. It is frustrating for you, it tends to get you thinking that you are, as some of you might put it, “a waste of space,” not good enough, as you observe all those seemingly well-balanced individuals living normal productive and satisfying lives. Nothing could be further from the truth – NO ONE is a waste of space, although some may appear to be wasting time, wasting their lives – nothing anyone does is wasted, there is always a lesson to be learned, and it is always learned, if not in that moment, then eventually.

So, give yourself a break, as many as you feel like, because that is generally what you need. When you resist taking a break, when you fight the urge, you avoid the opportunity to experience something that has been buried or denied that needs to surface, be seen and be experienced, then it can be happily and easily released.

That’s what blocks are, a call to allow something deep seated to emerge and be healed and released. But most of you have been well-trained to bury, deny, or fight them. Allowing them to take time to surface is not procrastinating, it is essential inner work, but when you judge yourselves you slow down or stop the process, and then it may seem that you are procrastinating.

Fighting does not work, only love works! How often do you have to be told that? You attempt to love others while condemning and blaming yourselves, and it cannot work because when you refuse to love yourselves you shut Love out of your lives. Love is your natural state, you need It. Shutting It out exhausts you leaving you fearful, angry, and resentful, then you project those negative feelings on to others in order to feel better, but that only makes you feel worse.

There is no other answer to all your problems, only Love, Love, Love; and then still more Love. And you have to start by accepting and loving yourselves. So why not do it now? Delaying makes no sense at all, it only adds to your dissatisfaction and unhappiness, or maybe causes you even more suffering.

Now, as you rapidly approach the moment of humanity’s awakening, is the time to release all your remaining ties to the illusion – fear, anger, bitterness, resentments, envies, unworthiness, unacceptability, judgments, etc. – and allow Love to fill your hearts. Hearts were made to be filled with Love, so open them up and let that happen. Many of you have experienced falling in love, or intense love for family or friends, and you know how good that feels; and this Love is everlasting, eternal, not even death intervenes or terminates It, so why shut It out?

It is the divine Will that you live permanently in a state of Love, and in truth you do, always, but you have chosen to hide It from your awareness. Without allowing It to fill your hearts you will never find satisfaction or contentment, you will just continue searching, in all the wrong places, for that elusive and seemingly unobtainable state. But It is right there at the center of your being, and It will never leave you because It is You.

You cannot, ever, escape from yourselves! Denying that you are Love, avoiding coming into contact with Love, burying the flame of Love that resides eternally within you is what causes all your fears, anxieties, angers, and conflicts. You feel alone, threatened, endangered, and so you attempt to protect yourselves either by surrounding yourselves with protective barriers (physical or psychological) or by attacking those whom you think threaten your survival, the “fight or flight” syndrome. But if all are One, as you most definitely are, then you can only be attacking yourselves, or defending yourselves from your selves, and that makes no sense at all. You all have the same needs and desires, and if you would only cooperate harmoniously, compassionately, and lovingly, all issues could and would be resolved.

It is but yourselves that you fear and defend against but, because of the skill with which you constructed the illusion, those fears seem very real, and you use your human bodies to maintain the appearance of separation from one another, judging each other as different, strange, untrustworthy, and dangerous. You mostly belong to teams – families, religions, corporations, political parties, sports teams, nations – all of which appear to demand different loyalties that you have to support and defend against perceived enemies – other similar teams. And during those periods when there is no perceived outside threat, then you fight among yourselves. Fighting has become endemic, like a contagious disease that no one can escape. And your media builds up those fears of threat and conflict very aggressively to maintain the illusion.

You are all One, but the illusion hides this from you, magnificently, because, within it, you are all absolute masters in self-deception! The illusion is all about self-deception, because there is absolutely no one else to deceive. Once you begin to accept yourselves, including your shadow side, the parts you bury or deny, then realization dawns that no one else can do this for you and that no one else can prevent you from doing so.

Self-acceptance is the greatest gift you can bestow upon yourselves, and if God accepts you unconditionally, as he most certainly does, then why would you not do likewise?

You were created perfect, as you have been told countless times, because whatever God creates is by its very nature perfect. Creation is the absolutely perfect demonstration of the infinite perfection of God, and the illusion is but an unreal attempt to separate yourselves from that eternal state of perfection, which is impossible because it is the only state that exists.

Stop hiding the Light of your perfection from yourselves and others, open yourselves to receive and bathe in the ongoing Love-stream in which you are totally immersed, and all your fears, worries, and anxieties will be washed away as It flows through you and aligns you with Reality in a completely harmonious integration with all of God’s children.

The only barriers to Love in your lives are those you yourselves have erected out of fear, and only you can lower them. Do so and let all the stress of maintaining them fall away, then peace will replace stress and you can give yourselves wholly to living, the reason for your creation in the first place. To be alive is to be awake, and signs of life are returning to your sleeping forms.

With so very much love, Saul.

Your true value

Even when we consider that we choose to be born so we could be an active player in the transformation of this world into a 5th Dimension, our conscious Awareness begins to work at a higher level, we’ve opened the door to new thoughts and ideas. We begin to be attracted to information that is supportive to making positive change. Our spiritual purpose is to recognize the value of creation and it really begins when we recognize the true value of our friend in the mirror. Until we choose to do so, we live in a world of negative judgment, until we understand and accept the positive value of ourselves, it is difficult to find the value of anything, We judge the world and everything in it the way we judge ourselves, when we are O.K. just as we are, then so is everything and everyone else. Every time we look for and find the value of our life and our experiences, our inner light increases and we’ve done what we choose to come here to do, add positive energy to a transforming world.  More tomorrow.

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