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Others Opinion

Its important to be aware of how reactive we are to others opinions. What others say is really just their opinion, the way they see things, When these opinions are directed toward us though they are often seen by us as as criticisms. They change from opinions to threats to our integrity of being, especially when coming from loved ones? Are we so insecure about our self worth? After all its just an opinion and everyone has a right to their own opinion. When we do this we are using someone outside of us to feel judged or criticized and it’s always coming from a feeling of low self worth, we feel we need to defend our self. There is nothing to defend and nothing to change except the way we perceive our self, self acceptance as is, is our spiritual challenge Self love is the purpose.. Here is a Kryon comment

Your Lineage
From Kryon Live Channel, “This Is Not Your Father’s New Age”
February 2015 in Atlanta, GA

Some of you love to do ceremony, which looks like clearing. Go ahead, but know that it’s not necessary to clear, since you are there and your presence alone has done it. So instead, think of it as “patterning”. Instead of clearing the negative, put into the room the new pattern of energy that you wish to create. Now, again this is controversial because you might say, “Look at all of those people who might be negative in a place like this. Think of all the meetings in the past that have been held in a place like this. We must clear this past energy which has attached itself to the area.” And we say, “No you don’t. Not anymore.” If a master walked into this room, would you stop and clear it? The answer is no. The master clears it! You understand? This is the lineage that is yours and that you worked for. Claim it. Go for it.

KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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