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We are going through major changes

What does the statement ‘We are going through major changes’ mean? To some of us major changes means, something that can be seen, tangible, visual things, when in reality a change in the way we think may be a major change, to those of us who may have been kind of stuck in our opinions, our idea of life and what we have been more or less limited in our awareness of spirituality can be a major change for some of us.. Even considering the possibility of there being a spiritual energy that we are a part of and that there is Free Will, that it’s all a mater of Choice and even No Choice is a Choice, can be a major change. Those of us who may have felt that we are a victim to fate or a power stronger than we are, that has been making our life limited and miserable, are waking up to the realization that our antagonist has our own belief system, the enemy has been between our ears, we’ve been our own worst enemy. Replacing our Doubts and Fears with renewed Trust and Faith is a tremendous change in the lives of many of us. When we choose to change the way we think, we change our lives, that’s a major change that can change everything. I’m going to be on a two week journey so my posts may be sporadic for a while, I’ll be back June 12.
Here is a message from Kryon for inspiration.

Changing of the Guard
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Old Soul Defined”
March 2015 in Bali, Indonesia

The battles of darkness and old energy are all around you and you are watching them being fought by society in totally different ways. There is an overall feeling that Human Beings collectively desire equality, comfortable lives, fairness, good quality of living and integrity of governmental leadership, everywhere. This is the main battle today – the changing of the guard from doing things the same way to moving to something that humanity has not seen before.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Self Acceptance

There is nothing wrong with any of us, the first responsibility we all have, is self acceptance, of our self, as is. Until we choose to do that, we continue to judge and compare ourselves to what we think we should be, we are what we wanted to be, just as we are, we can’t be wrong and the only thing lacking is self awareness. Until we recognize the value of  our self, we can’t recognize the true value of anyone. We continue to judge and compare them, because we haven’t accepted our true value. Existence, God doesn’t make mistakes and doesn’t create anything that doesn’t have positive value. Doubts, fears and limitations are products of the mind, not existence. The true value of our life begins when we realize the value of our self, until then we survive in limited awareness, with constant judgments and comparisons. We are spirit pretending to be a human, when we understand  that and choose to see ourselves in that way, and choose to see everyone else and this world through our spiritual eyes, we continue to live in self created limitation. Everything is a part of spirit, spirit is all there really is, no matter which form it takes, be it your’s or hers or his or anyone or anything, spirit is all there is. Once we get this message, our life begins to become a challenge of conscious awareness and creative expression.
I’ve added a channeling from the Archangel Gabriel about bonding with Spirit for inspiration.

Message from Archangel Gabriel

from Marlene Swetlishoff
Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love called bonding. Bonding with one’s spiritual source of guidance is essential in order that one’s spiritual growth, healing, inner peace, soul evolution, faith, and trust in their inner knowing and intuition take place. This bonding provides each person with a deep and positive experience, with the knowledge that they are always being guided to their highest and greatest good in their daily lives. They know in this bonding with spirit that they can ask their divine self what is best and right for them and this enables them to receive the answers that are in their highest good. They know that their ability to manifest their dreams is much easier when they attune to the spiritual bond with their divine self. When they are connected with their spiritual guidance, they tap into the power to manifest their dreams. By this bonding, they lead a life of more joy, grace and inner peace. When they have this bonding, they know in their hearts that they are always held in love and that they are never alone. One’s own heart attitude and actions has a lot to do with the quality of each relationship that they have.

Spirit is each persons one and only dependable source of love. Love is abundant and enters one’s heart when invited. All of humanity lives in a universe of unconditional love, which is the spirit or Creator Source. One’s love relationship with their Creator fuels their ability to love others. In their lives love is as plentiful as the air they breathe and just as accessible, when one knows how to access it. When their intention is to learn to love self and to share their love with others, their heart automatically opens and love enters. When one has a solid bonding with their personal source of spiritual guidance, they define their own worth through the truth coming from their own spiritual knowing. They are constantly being guided on the path that is most loving and nurturing in regards to how to live their life. As they learn to trust their own spiritual guidance, they learn to trust in self and this is what makes them free of being controlled or distracted by others. It is incredibly freeing when they learn to live their best life by learning how to stay consistently bonded with their spiritual guidance.

Bonding with spirit and one’s inner guidance is easy when one’s deepest desire is to evolve into a more loving human being with self and others. Bonding is the ability to establish an emotional attachment to another person. It is the ability to relate to another at the deepest level. When two people have a bond with each other, they share their deepest thoughts, feelings, and dreams with each other without fear that the other person will reject them. Bonding is one of the most basic qualities in life and a basic human need, for at their very core they are relational beings. Without a solid, bonded relationship, the human soul would become mired in psychological and emotional problems. One’s soul cannot prosper without being connected and bonded to others.

At the foundation of every living thing is the idea of relationship. There is a mutual motivation to invest in the others well being. Everything that is alive relates to something else. Bonding in love with another is necessary to being an empathic, compassionate and loving person. One feels an emotional bonding with the other person in a way that their individual identities are connected together. It has been proven that bonding with others is essential to happiness and important to one’s physical health. The more loving a person is in everyday life, the healthier they generally are. The deep sense of love and belonging is an innate need in all people. They are made to love, be loved and at the root of most of these desires is a need to belong, to be accepted, to bond with others. These bonds of love are a person’s birthright and their greatest resource. Seeking out and giving love and support is a primary source of strength and joy.

One’s feeling of bonding with others does more than encourage good intentions, they also engage in positive actions. Inducing those feelings within self can cause people to be kinder and more generous to each other. Everyone wants to feel deeply bonded to other people, to be fully seen and appreciated by them, and to feel secure in those relationships. When they are with other people, they feel positive emotions, which lead to greater happiness. When people are happier, they have better and more stable relationships. This in turn leads to more positive emotions and an upward spiral of well being, health and happiness. By being grateful for and appreciating the love that surrounds them, they are continuously blessed in their lives. Learning to love and be loved is about learning to tune into one’s own emotions and needs so they know what it is they want and need from their partners. And by the expression of those needs openly, it evokes sympathy and support from them. Nothing makes people stronger, happier, and healthier than loving, stable, long term bonding to others. Long term togetherness makes permanent and positive changes within each heart, their openness to the world and the environment around them.

May the bonding with your divine essence and the others around you fill each day with blessings and love.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Others Opinion

Its important to be aware of how reactive we are to others opinions. What others say is really just their opinion, the way they see things, When these opinions are directed toward us though they are often seen by us as as criticisms. They change from opinions to threats to our integrity of being, especially when coming from loved ones? Are we so insecure about our self worth? After all its just an opinion and everyone has a right to their own opinion. When we do this we are using someone outside of us to feel judged or criticized and it’s always coming from a feeling of low self worth, we feel we need to defend our self. There is nothing to defend and nothing to change except the way we perceive our self, self acceptance as is, is our spiritual challenge Self love is the purpose.. Here is a Kryon comment

Your Lineage
From Kryon Live Channel, “This Is Not Your Father’s New Age”
February 2015 in Atlanta, GA

Some of you love to do ceremony, which looks like clearing. Go ahead, but know that it’s not necessary to clear, since you are there and your presence alone has done it. So instead, think of it as “patterning”. Instead of clearing the negative, put into the room the new pattern of energy that you wish to create. Now, again this is controversial because you might say, “Look at all of those people who might be negative in a place like this. Think of all the meetings in the past that have been held in a place like this. We must clear this past energy which has attached itself to the area.” And we say, “No you don’t. Not anymore.” If a master walked into this room, would you stop and clear it? The answer is no. The master clears it! You understand? This is the lineage that is yours and that you worked for. Claim it. Go for it.

KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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