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Belief system

I want to play a little bit with our belief system and how we may believe that we are a victim to it. What we think we are, what we think the world is, was created. by us, before we were 7 years old. From conception to about 7, we are functioning with instinctive survival, we can’t reason until 7, our brain hasn’t developed the ability to reason, which is why the Waldorf schools don’t introduce books to their students until they are 7. So what we feel we need to do to survive, our methods of self protection, what we feel we have to do to deal with pain, fear and fear of more pain to come, how lovable or unworthy we may feel we are or aren’t, doubts, fears, feelings of limitations, our ability to cope with the emotions we may feel, like the heavy emotions in our environment, all become the basis of our belief system. We become what we have decided we are or aren’t. From then on, under stress, we live according to what we believe we can or can’t do. When we are feeling stress we automatically go into survival mode and do what our programmed belief system dictates as the thing to do, we become victims to what we believe we have to do to survive. We have the ability to cope with and transform any and all experiences in our life when we believe that we can, so the spiritual challenge for all of us is to choose to trust in ourselves and believe that where there is a will, there is a way. Change the way you believe and you will change your life. I AM, I Can and I Will.

Here is some direction from Kryon

Claim It
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Power of Compassion”
August 2000 in Seattle, WA

Create and visualize right now that your lives are clear, free, and peaceful, and that there are no worries and no problems. For those who have come here with a cellular disease in your bodies, visualize right now a time before it was present. Feel the peacefulness of that sensation as you sit before Spirit. We are telling you that as you visualize this and claim it as your own, you bring yourself closer to the very reality that you’re creating in your mind—such is the power of your interdimensional gifts.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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