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The major component necessary to make changes in our life is perseverance. We are creatures of habit and to change an old no longer desired habit for a different more positive habit takes perseverance. This is a 3 step process, first when we are aware that we are expressing the old habit, we say ‘I don’t do that anymore (#2) I AM feeling good’, then state the new more desirable statement (#3). This approach to making changes is simple and absolute, it just takes awareness that we are expressing an old no  longer acceptable, limiting, habit, taking the responsibility to change it and then doing those 3 simple steps. If this is really so simple, efficient and effect then why don’t more people use it? It’s because we are impatient and we are procrastinators. We do something for a little while and when it doesn’t work as quickly as we think it should, we give up and don’t use it. When we have a habit we’ve been using for 20.30,40,50 years, we need to keep working on making positive changes, over and over, again and again, until we convince our memory cells that we really mean it, no matter how long it may take. Our innate awareness of our power and ability can help us to accomplish anything we really wish to any time we really mean it and are willing to work at it until we accomplish what we really wish to accomplish. It’s always up to us, do we mean it? and are will to accomplish it? or do we just wish it were true.
There is nothing wrong with us, we all have the ability and the power to create any kind of a life that we want to have. We just don’t believe that we can, our belief system keeps telling us that we are limited in the ability necessary for us to change our life for the better, we are some how unable to make the positive changes we ing we desire. This is totally un- true, we can achieve anything we believe that we can, it just takes focused perception and the most important thing of all is perseverance. Once we make a commitment and start working on changing any old habit we no longer want we need to keep working on it until we succeed, but we are impatient and give up, we procrastinate, so our cellular awareness doesn’t believe that we really mean it and doesn’t allow the changes we wanted to accomplish. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE WHEN WE CONVINCE OUR CELLULARNESS THAT WE MEAN IT!

To make changes in our life

So until we keep working on making a change long enough to convince ourself that we are no longer a victim to an old habit, we won’t make the change we desire. Change takes perseverance. Our innate understands everything and contains the awareness that can free us from fear and doubt. We have 100% power to accomplish anything we are ready to accomplish, we have the innate power, we just need to believe in ourselves and go to work. Where there is a ill, there is a way. Here is what Kryon has to say,

Innate Knows
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Innate Revealed”
November 2014 in Portland, OR

Old soul, there are a few things you should understand. Do you find it interesting that Innate knows all about your past lives but you don’t? How is that for an efficient system? Would you like to know more? What energy is it that you have in a past life, which you have earned, that you could use again today? We’ve talked about this. Mining the Akash is done through free choice of consciousness, and talking to your Innate. Muscle testing, tapping, body talk, affirmations, decoding – whatever you can do that circumvents the corporeal logic of the Human brain constitutes work with Innate. You have got to think differently in your reality to fully realize this potential. You are used to quantity, repetition and other linear concepts in order to change things within you. Not anymore.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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