Life Coach, MetaPhysician

A part of Existence

What’s really going on? When ever you catch your self in that quizzical frame of mind , reading one of my poems can get you back on tract, this is a good one to re-read on occasion. So doubt your doubt and welcome the mystery of your life.

In Search of the Simple

A part of Existence
that soon will be me,
Was wondering what else
there was still to see.
To begin with I knew
everything was O.K.
So I decided to come to earth
to live and to play.
I looked at all I had done
in all lives before
And decided I needed
lessons galore.
In order for me
to mend and repair
The imbalances I had created
with little or no care.
The amount of my digressions
were a strange sight to see,
And I realized how scary
it was just to be me.
As I looked with amazement
at this incredible mess
I thought do I really want to do this?

So I planned a new journey
both difficult and long
Knowing in my heart
I could never choose wrong.
I understood clearly
that the earth world was strange.
Whatever earth offered
was subject to change.
My purpose was to transform
earth’s darkness into light
And I vowed I would do so
with all of my might.
I picked my agenda
With spiritual insight,
Knowing “Life’s Journey”
Would be a good fight.
I then picked my parents
carefully and with glee
Knowing their limitations
would be just right for me.
The amount of resistance
I will feel from their way!
Will be exactly the game
I wanted to play.
Then I arrived
and the life game began
I forgot everything
according to plan.
My intention was suddenly
to live and survive
Now I wanted desperately
to just be alive.
To be born was the purpose
so life could begin,
And I could indulge in it
and look for the ‘Win.’
My life was quite interesting
my parents quite mad,
Now that I have lived through it
I’m certainly glad.
The journey was treacherous
and extremely dark,
It certainly wasn’t
what I’d call a lark.
I felt lost, abandoned,
and all alone,
I had never experienced
what I could call home.
I felt it was my fault
and I really felt sad,
To deserve this kind of life
I must really be bad.
I felt like a victim
and guilty as well,
I felt I was being punished,
by living in Hell.
When I’d had my fill
of this terrible stuff,
I vowed no more misery
I’ve had quite enough.
Now my new intention
was quite clear to me
I was going to look for and find
the way to be free.
I’m going to change
this sad life of mine
And create something
that’s seems much more divine.
I followed my quest
with focused intent,
So I began recognizing Spirit,
where ever I went.
I finally figured out,
What this life was all about.
It’s a game of pretense,
Which at first doesn’t make sense.
When I realized the game’
And saw that we are not to blame.
I was able to let go of my doubt.

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