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Quantum Touch

A wonderful example of the direction of advanced techniques of healing, is what Richard Gordon, the developer of Quantum Touch, has to share, this is the best example of where this world is heading, this is something that everyone should be aware of and learn how to put it to work. The principle is so simple and effective that anyone and everyone can use it to help themselves and others, with a basic trust, understanding and a lot of practice. Our inner energy known as our Chi, when used in the way Richard Gordon explains it and teaches the use of it, becomes a potent healing energy that can produce incredible balance in the body and enable our body to literally heal it’s self. If this is of interest to you, check out his web site, www, or search Richard Gordon or Quantum Touch on Facebook. In my search for what information I feel that we all should know about, which I call ‘In Search of the Simple” Quantum Touch tops the list. Check it out.

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