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Belief system

I want to play a little bit with our belief system and how we may believe that we are a victim to it. What we think we are, what we think the world is, was created. by us, before we were 7 years old. From conception to about 7, we are functioning with instinctive survival, we can’t reason until 7, our brain hasn’t developed the ability to reason, which is why the Waldorf schools don’t introduce books to their students until they are 7. So what we feel we need to do to survive, our methods of self protection, what we feel we have to do to deal with pain, fear and fear of more pain to come, how lovable or unworthy we may feel we are or aren’t, doubts, fears, feelings of limitations, our ability to cope with the emotions we may feel, like the heavy emotions in our environment, all become the basis of our belief system. We become what we have decided we are or aren’t. From then on, under stress, we live according to what we believe we can or can’t do. When we are feeling stress we automatically go into survival mode and do what our programmed belief system dictates as the thing to do, we become victims to what we believe we have to do to survive. We have the ability to cope with and transform any and all experiences in our life when we believe that we can, so the spiritual challenge for all of us is to choose to trust in ourselves and believe that where there is a will, there is a way. Change the way you believe and you will change your life. I AM, I Can and I Will.

Here is some direction from Kryon

Claim It
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Power of Compassion”
August 2000 in Seattle, WA

Create and visualize right now that your lives are clear, free, and peaceful, and that there are no worries and no problems. For those who have come here with a cellular disease in your bodies, visualize right now a time before it was present. Feel the peacefulness of that sensation as you sit before Spirit. We are telling you that as you visualize this and claim it as your own, you bring yourself closer to the very reality that you’re creating in your mind—such is the power of your interdimensional gifts.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

Spiritual challenge

I keep encouraging myself and everyone I can to look for the good in our life and our experiences, which at times may be difficult to do but is worth the effort. Then I see this one that I’ve shared on Facebook, two Dallas Cops, in response to a mothers asking for assistance, shoot her young child holding a small screw driver, in the door way of their home, 5 times because he didn’t put the screw driver down when they told him to.? Talk about a spiritual challenge, where is some value in that one? The only one I can think of so far is to inspire an uprising that would make sense because obviously Texas and Texans are in serious trouble, to see that as justifiably.
Existence functions in mysterious ways at times and because we don’t understand the overall purpose, it may seem cruel and unnecessary to us. I know that this one is messing with my rationalization. I know there is a win there, perhaps public outrage is its purpose. Perhaps maintaining inner serenity in spite of outer turmoil is the challenge. Any way its inspired this post, all comments are welcomed.

Spiritual challenge

On the brighter side here is some encouragement from the masters.

Golden Age Messages from the Masters Part  2

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School
Living As Your Ascended Self ~ Part 2 (April, 2015)

We continue to support you in living as your Presence, which is your already-Ascended Self, while you are still embodied on the Earth. We are always here to assist you in being a demonstration of this possibility since it encourages others to put more attention on their ascension. The more any soul masters living as your Presence, the more others will remember who they truly are and why they chose to be on Earth while humanity is entering a new Golden Age of Freedom. If what you see around you appears to be chaotic, please know that this is only a temporary appearance of the kind of disorder and disharmony that always precedes an ascension into an entirely new dimension.

~ The Councils of the Cosmic Christ

Humankind is reaching out to discover their true identities and their greater purpose for being on Earth. Many still need assistance to clear, cleanse and transmute any thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving them in moving into the freedom of a new Golden Age. With the shift of consciousness that has been taking place over many, many years, you are comprehending with much greater clarity the higher levels of information that we have been sharing with you to assist and encourage as many as possible to move through the 3rd and 4th dimensions and into unlimited Unity Consciousness on the 5th dimension.

During this ascension process, you may be witnessing an increase in confusion and fear around the world due to the massive release of mis-information that is now being pushed to the surface so it can be transmuted and lifted back into the Love and Light of Source. This cleansing is making it possible for many to align with more of the consciousness of their Presence. It is also starting to ignite more and more of the Divine qualities of the Presence until ever-abounding joy and abundance becomes the natural state of every awakening soul.

You are each remembering and assimilating much of what you have known in past Golden Ages based on the awakening of the previously dormant strands of your crystalline DNA. This is allowing many epochs of Earth’s history to move into alignment with your current timeline so your ancient gifts or talents can be used to create your new Golden Age.

You are all undergoing a process of integration that is preparing you to live in the 5th dimension. This is creating a constant expansion of the frequencies within and around your body, making it important to re-evaluate and reset your priorities so everything you are thinking, feeling and creating is in harmony with your Presence and your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times. This will continue until the ascension.

This accelerated and individualized process of growth may be accompanied by necessary periods of rest followed by surges of energy and expanded levels of awareness. It behooves each person to know and support their own growth cycles so harmony can be sustained within all levels of their reality. Everyone will eventually be in complete resonance with his or her higher destiny. It is very important to be patient with yourself and with one another as this process continues, for there is room for all of humanity in their diversity to fully expand in wonderful and amazing ways while each one is remembering and accepting that we were created as an expression of God.

A spiritual awakening comes naturally when you realize that God is not a belief, it is rather the essence of who you are! You are Love, you are loved and God’s creative consciousness abides within you. Every person is here to create their personal life and all aspects of their extended life with this Divine Love. It is only when we live in separation from the Presence of God within us that we are powerless and that we perpetuate suffering and negativity on this planet. Together we are here to allow the bonds of the ego to dissolve so completely that we can embody the Presence of God while we are living on the Earth. It is only from that level of our consciousness that we have what we need to co-create in loving cooperation a new Golden Age of Freedom. As one united force, we can change the world in a very short period of time.

How we choose to deal with our life

An on going reminder, there is nothing wrong with us, we are exactly what we wanted to be, just as we are. This gives us our own unique view of ourselves, our world, how we choose to deal with our life and everyone in it. Our life is our spiritual challenge to find the value of what we have created and what we will attract by what we do. We came here with 100% power to play the Game of Life and transform it into light, we still have that 100% power the question is, how are we using it? for us and our awakening or against us by identifying with self created doubts, fears and accepted limitations.Fortunately for us, we are now being inspired by the increasing transformation of our world. We are evolving into a purer form of conscious awareness whether we believe it or not. Everyday in every way we are waking up a little bit more, some of us faster than others, but all of us are on our way to realizing our inner truth, our spirituality,the divine energy that is the source of our life. As our trust and faith grows and transforms our childhood belief system into conscious awareness, our understanding and acceptance of this spiritual awakening that we are going through, will become more and more apparent to us and we will become more available to the gifts of love that are being showered upon us, we will choose to go with the flow. Good idea.
Here is a message from Jesus.


from John Smallman ~~ 4-21-15
The purpose of your lives is to uncover or rediscover your own creative abilities.

Here in the spiritual realms, the formless arena where the potential for creativity is infinite, we watch over you with intense loving interest as the moment for humanity’s awakening draws ever closer. You have heard that many times before but I assure you it is true, it can only draw closer, there will be no backsliding because it is humanity’s collective intent to awaken and that intent is in total alignment with the Will of God.

It does seem to many of you who are working consciously and valiantly towards this major event that it has been delayed, and others among you sometimes doubt the authenticity of the various channelings you read that continue to uphold and present to you the inspiring vision of your imminent awakening. Please release your doubts because all is on schedule as divinely planned.

Try and understand that the illusion, in which you are immersed as humans, uses time quite flexibly. It seems from your modern scientific measurements that time is a constant, but in fact this is not the case, like the illusion, of which it is an aspect, it is illusory, it is not what it seems. It does not operate as a constantly flowing medium like a river to the sea, but is more like an ocean in which events occur, events that may not be related in time or place but which nearly always appear to be connected like cause and effect. It is a very confusing medium, especially as it appears to be so consistent and unalterable.

You have all experienced time as moving slowly, normally, or rapidly depending on what activity it was that you were engaged in, but then you have tended to dismiss the experience as illusory and of a purely personal nature. And of course it was! Every single one of you, every human, has their own deeply personal experience of life in the illusion. There are of course many similarities, but basically the experiential and illusory state that each human undergoes is deeply personal and is never repeated, it is truly unique.

Time is not fixed, it shifts, but the field in which it operates shifts with it, thus giving it an unreal impression of stability. So, the moment of awakening has not been delayed, quite the contrary in fact, it is approaching faster than ever because the collective intent to awaken has intensified, and it is that intent that is bringing it about.

You all – and there are no exceptions here – incarnated at this moment in Earth history to assist one another in your awakening process, but the environment of the illusion is so incredibly dense that the vast majority of humans have utterly forgotten why they are on Earth. Many are seeking guidance from religious organizations, from self help “experts,” gurus, and a varied assortment of therapists and personal growth workshops and seminars as they desperately attempt to find a deeper meaning in their lives than just earning a living. Earning a living is essential for 99% of humanity, and for 90% it is a grindingly boring chore that many seek to escape from through a variety of addictions that only temporarily ease the stresses and anxieties with which your human lives present you daily.

Your nature is Love. At the deepest and most real level of your being, your center where your true Self is aflame with the Light of God’s Love, you know this. The effervescent You, that God in His infinite Wisdom and Love created for all eternity, is always alive and well. However, once you chose to experience the illusion of separation from your Source you temporarily closed down your access to your true nature to make the games in the illusion seem very real, and in that you succeeded extremely well. You do get intimations of your true nature from time to time when your meditative practice takes you deeply into yourselves, but mostly you are seemingly caught up in the distractions of the illusion – the egoic drives that so frequently set you in conflict with one another.

Life is beautiful! Unfortunately the illusory experience with which it seems that you have to absolutely engage with in every moment for the sake of survival distracts you from this wondrous truth as you struggle with the ugliness and anxiety that life as a human entails. Yes, of course there are moments of joy, of pleasure, but they are but brief and infrequent rewards for your good behavior, or so it often seems. And yet most of you know that good behavior has little to do with rewards – the sun shines and the rain rains on everyone.

As small children it was suggested to you that this was the way the world works, but as you grew and matured it became obvious to the majority that this was most definitely not the case. Nevertheless, because you had been so well trained to behave well – frequent punishment and shaming for misbehaving, infrequent rewards for exceptionally good behavior – you do tend to put on a mask or a front of good behavior that is culturally and socially acceptable. Beneath that mask you may fume, rage, or sink into depression.

The purpose of your human lives is to uncover or rediscover your own creative abilities, your divine potential. And each one of you has your own unique gifts awaiting discovery and development. But, of course, many of you were educated, went to college or university and obtained professional qualifications to enable you to earn a living, and you are now perhaps trapped in careers that bring you very little satisfaction apart from enabling you to pay the constant stream of bills in which life as a human buries you. How, you ask, do you get out of that trap and give yourself the time and the space to allow your creativity to blossom?

Well, the trap is the illusion which for many is indeed a nightmare, and your awakening is essential and imminent. And it is all of you who are making the awakening happen. You have been asleep, unaware, and unconscious for far too long as the games that the illusion has presented you with have engaged nearly all your faculties. And those games are games of sickness, suffering, conflict, betrayal, and war.

Games like that automatically lead to fear and distrust, and to a belief that you can only survive by being strong, powerful, and dangerous, so that no one will dare to attack you. And those games and beliefs are based on your belief that your bodies are all that you are, and that when they die, you cease to be. That instills within you enormous fear because it mightily enforces your sense of separateness and aloneness, and, in the end, your utter insignificance in the grand scheme of things

Therefore to understand that it is indeed an illusion, that you are all divine beings eternally alive in the Presence of God, and at One with Him and with each other, is a most wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring realization. Remind yourselves daily of this great Truth, in fact remind yourselves hourly until it becomes truly true for you and remains constantly in your awareness, as it will. And then you will awaken. That is divinely assured. Focus on Love, your true nature, and open your hearts to receive the constant and abundant flow that is offered to you, and then share your joy as you feel that Love, by sharing it with everyone with whom you interact. That is why you are on Earth at this moment, and you do know this.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

We are playing an energy game

What are we stupid or what? We are playing an energy game and instead of taking advantage of the keys we are given to make the changes we are going through easier, we keep playing with judgments and comparisons. We should do, they shouldn’t do and they should do, questioning and judging, why? The only sensible answer is, that we are lazy and uncaring. We don’t get it, that we are being silly when ever we aren’t being more consciously aware of what we are doing to our self, when we are lazy and unaware of what we do and what we don’t do. What we don’t do, is love and honor our self, we don’t take care of our self, we rain on our own parade, we ignore the opportunity that arises constantly in our daily lives to transform our belief system by choosing to feel good consciously, how? “I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good.” and repeating it over and over until the old thought is no longer tempting us to think it, what ever it was. Come on, honor yourself, be nice to your self. choose to feel good instead of wallowing in poor me shit. Be caring and loving to your self, it’s so easy, just do it.

Here is some inspiration.
A Message from Archangel Gabriel

by Marlene Swetlishoff

April 9, 2015
Archangel Gabriel Sm-1

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as receptivity. There is always much activity that is occurring within one’s self. There are feelings, desires, one’s intuitive senses and a desire for inner peace. It is important for each individual to make the commitment to take some time every day to pray, daydream, meditate, contemplate, experience and get to know what they are feeling. Listening daily to self is how one develops a receptive state of mind. This receptive and open state of mind allows one to enjoy hearing the birds chirping, to taste delicious food, to smell the flowers, and to feel the gentle wind across one’s face. Through this receptivity, one enjoys many other important and meaningful details of life and living that they could miss otherwise. Tuning into one’s senses reanimates the world around them. The open and receptive heart supports the ability to be in the world from a place of one’s largeness as a soul in every day life. An open and receptive heart is necessary to raise the spiritual vibration for evolution. When one’s heart is open, there is a deeper capacity to manifest greater good in the world around them. An open and receptive heart is one that is without limitation, it is the doorway to deeper spiritual connection and loving service.

To be open hearted and receptive is to allow the world to move freely, without the need to control circumstances and individuals in that world. Having an open and receptive heart takes practice and discipline to achieve and begins with clarity of mind. When clarity is present, the mind does not react from past history and distortions overlaying this history onto current events, rather it sees the situation as it truly exists in the moment. The presence of clarity is a simple statement of what is currently unfolding and is devoid of drama or excitement. Opening one’s heart and soul is the first step to unleashing the unlimited power within. Trusting one’s self and remembering that they are a divine being brings reason and meaning, not only for the different experiences in one’s life, but for their life as a whole. By trusting in every experience and being receptive to the idea that every single one of them brings one closer to their life’s destiny, one recognizes in each positive or negative experience the lesson and tries to find the meaning of each one.

As a conduit to higher consciousness, the heart plays a pivotal role in spiritual development, as well as the experiencing of joy in everyday life. The receptive state of the heart promotes receptivity in the mind, as higher understanding and awareness prevail. In this way, the mind begins to connect with knowingness, an awareness that exists beyond words and which brings deeper understanding to each situation in one’s life. As the mind develops comfort in its quietness, it will become more receptive. No longer feeling the need to have an answer or to know what is next, one’s mind then opens to the receptive state. Receptivity invites what is next to come forward. It includes all aspects of consciousness as a contributor of value even if it does not understand the role or significance. As the mind is nourished, its world view begins to change. Events previously seen as stagnant become easily transformed. Often one small change from this place of awareness and receptivity provides a great transformation. The open hearted and open minded state continues to grow allowing for more useable energy for the creation of a life of joy and love.

Taking several periodic moments to slow down and listen to one’s self makes one more effective in their daily activities and enables one to get more done and accomplished. As they slow down for periods of the day so that they can experience their own bodily emotions, sensations and feelings, they can utilize this same receptive state of mind to become a good listener to others. Most people spend very little time truly listening when their full attention is on the other person and truly taking in what they are saying, meaning and feeling. When one puts effort into slowing down long enough to become willing to be receptive and understanding to another’s point of view, they will find that their relationships are greatly improved. By staying open and alert within unfolding events, one brings clarity and compassion to one’s life and to those around them. An open heart freely invites the world around it to enter and engage. It acknowledges the wisdom within and creates opportunity for the expression of this expansiveness out into the world. As the heart opens, access to higher wisdom, soul presence and divine energy are all possible. From this place, the human personality and mind are supported to relax and open to these higher possibilities.

Transformation of old held consciousness opens the doorway for ongoing evolution and heart opening. Each time one is receptive with what is in the moment, they learn to open to the depth of whom they are right at that moment, rather than who they once perceived they were. By making this choice they open to the divine within them, they choose their path and invite their spiritual dimension into their daily lives as a willing partner along this path of evolution. The spiritually receptive mind exists in a place of knowing; it is quiet, devoid of thought but extends its wisdom through presence. Life is all about learning and growing. When one sets an intention of being willing to see things in a new light, the most amazing ways to live life open as one becomes receptive to all ideas, people, places, and opportunities. The universe is always sending every individual new ways to live magnificent lives filled with love, one just has to be conscious and present to it.

May you be at peace and in a receptive frame of heart and mind so that you are open to whatever the world wants to bring your way in unexpected and delightful ways.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

To make changes in our life

The major component necessary to make changes in our life is perseverance. We are creatures of habit and to change an old no longer desired habit for a different more positive habit takes perseverance. This is a 3 step process, first when we are aware that we are expressing the old habit, we say ‘I don’t do that anymore (#2) I AM feeling good’, then state the new more desirable statement (#3). This approach to making changes is simple and absolute, it just takes awareness that we are expressing an old no  longer acceptable, limiting, habit, taking the responsibility to change it and then doing those 3 simple steps. If this is really so simple, efficient and effect then why don’t more people use it? It’s because we are impatient and we are procrastinators. We do something for a little while and when it doesn’t work as quickly as we think it should, we give up and don’t use it. When we have a habit we’ve been using for 20.30,40,50 years, we need to keep working on making positive changes, over and over, again and again, until we convince our memory cells that we really mean it, no matter how long it may take. Our innate awareness of our power and ability can help us to accomplish anything we really wish to any time we really mean it and are willing to work at it until we accomplish what we really wish to accomplish. It’s always up to us, do we mean it? and are will to accomplish it? or do we just wish it were true.
There is nothing wrong with us, we all have the ability and the power to create any kind of a life that we want to have. We just don’t believe that we can, our belief system keeps telling us that we are limited in the ability necessary for us to change our life for the better, we are some how unable to make the positive changes we ing we desire. This is totally un- true, we can achieve anything we believe that we can, it just takes focused perception and the most important thing of all is perseverance. Once we make a commitment and start working on changing any old habit we no longer want we need to keep working on it until we succeed, but we are impatient and give up, we procrastinate, so our cellular awareness doesn’t believe that we really mean it and doesn’t allow the changes we wanted to accomplish. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE WHEN WE CONVINCE OUR CELLULARNESS THAT WE MEAN IT!

To make changes in our life

So until we keep working on making a change long enough to convince ourself that we are no longer a victim to an old habit, we won’t make the change we desire. Change takes perseverance. Our innate understands everything and contains the awareness that can free us from fear and doubt. We have 100% power to accomplish anything we are ready to accomplish, we have the innate power, we just need to believe in ourselves and go to work. Where there is a ill, there is a way. Here is what Kryon has to say,

Innate Knows
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Innate Revealed”
November 2014 in Portland, OR

Old soul, there are a few things you should understand. Do you find it interesting that Innate knows all about your past lives but you don’t? How is that for an efficient system? Would you like to know more? What energy is it that you have in a past life, which you have earned, that you could use again today? We’ve talked about this. Mining the Akash is done through free choice of consciousness, and talking to your Innate. Muscle testing, tapping, body talk, affirmations, decoding – whatever you can do that circumvents the corporeal logic of the Human brain constitutes work with Innate. You have got to think differently in your reality to fully realize this potential. You are used to quantity, repetition and other linear concepts in order to change things within you. Not anymore.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

A part of Existence

What’s really going on? When ever you catch your self in that quizzical frame of mind , reading one of my poems can get you back on tract, this is a good one to re-read on occasion. So doubt your doubt and welcome the mystery of your life.

In Search of the Simple

A part of Existence
that soon will be me,
Was wondering what else
there was still to see.
To begin with I knew
everything was O.K.
So I decided to come to earth
to live and to play.
I looked at all I had done
in all lives before
And decided I needed
lessons galore.
In order for me
to mend and repair
The imbalances I had created
with little or no care.
The amount of my digressions
were a strange sight to see,
And I realized how scary
it was just to be me.
As I looked with amazement
at this incredible mess
I thought do I really want to do this?

So I planned a new journey
both difficult and long
Knowing in my heart
I could never choose wrong.
I understood clearly
that the earth world was strange.
Whatever earth offered
was subject to change.
My purpose was to transform
earth’s darkness into light
And I vowed I would do so
with all of my might.
I picked my agenda
With spiritual insight,
Knowing “Life’s Journey”
Would be a good fight.
I then picked my parents
carefully and with glee
Knowing their limitations
would be just right for me.
The amount of resistance
I will feel from their way!
Will be exactly the game
I wanted to play.
Then I arrived
and the life game began
I forgot everything
according to plan.
My intention was suddenly
to live and survive
Now I wanted desperately
to just be alive.
To be born was the purpose
so life could begin,
And I could indulge in it
and look for the ‘Win.’
My life was quite interesting
my parents quite mad,
Now that I have lived through it
I’m certainly glad.
The journey was treacherous
and extremely dark,
It certainly wasn’t
what I’d call a lark.
I felt lost, abandoned,
and all alone,
I had never experienced
what I could call home.
I felt it was my fault
and I really felt sad,
To deserve this kind of life
I must really be bad.
I felt like a victim
and guilty as well,
I felt I was being punished,
by living in Hell.
When I’d had my fill
of this terrible stuff,
I vowed no more misery
I’ve had quite enough.
Now my new intention
was quite clear to me
I was going to look for and find
the way to be free.
I’m going to change
this sad life of mine
And create something
that’s seems much more divine.
I followed my quest
with focused intent,
So I began recognizing Spirit,
where ever I went.
I finally figured out,
What this life was all about.
It’s a game of pretense,
Which at first doesn’t make sense.
When I realized the game’
And saw that we are not to blame.
I was able to let go of my doubt.

Quantum Touch

A wonderful example of the direction of advanced techniques of healing, is what Richard Gordon, the developer of Quantum Touch, has to share, this is the best example of where this world is heading, this is something that everyone should be aware of and learn how to put it to work. The principle is so simple and effective that anyone and everyone can use it to help themselves and others, with a basic trust, understanding and a lot of practice. Our inner energy known as our Chi, when used in the way Richard Gordon explains it and teaches the use of it, becomes a potent healing energy that can produce incredible balance in the body and enable our body to literally heal it’s self. If this is of interest to you, check out his web site, www, or search Richard Gordon or Quantum Touch on Facebook. In my search for what information I feel that we all should know about, which I call ‘In Search of the Simple” Quantum Touch tops the list. Check it out.

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