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Now would be a good time to accept that you are much more than you have been thinking that you are, are you listening? Claim that connection to your higher self in your own way and your conscious perception expands. Open this door when you are alone, when you aren’t distracted by anything.. With pure heart full intent say, “Dear source of Love and conscious awareness, dear God…tell me what it is I need to know to be in harmony with these changing times. I want to go to the next step or level of this changing reality and be able to share more love and inspiration to those who present their selves to my aura. I am grateful for the wisdom and support that you share with me and I am asking for more, I AM that I AM that I AM.”
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BE The Change

March 2015 ~~ Part 2
When you merge with your Presence you greatly expand your potential to truly BE THE CHANGE you would like to experience within yourself, within all of your relationships, and within the local and global consciousness of humanity. This opportunity to co-create your world anew in harmony with the greatly expanded Source frequencies that are presently pouring into your atmosphere has not been offered since the fall of Atlantis.

~ Saint Germain, Lady Portia & the Councils of the Cosmic Christ & the Elohim, who are assisting in actualizing the new Golden Age of Freedom.

We know that many of you are aware that there are still levels of misinformation that are being consciously or unconsciously supported within the minds and hearts of some of the citizens of your world. Much of this misinformation is already in the process of being transmuted by those of you who are aware of its false premises. Based on your tenacity and your support of the Love and Light of Source, we are delighted to share with you that there has never really been a more exciting or spiritually significant time to be living on your Earth! A massive awakening and a great shift in consciousness IS happening within the hearts and minds of many of your planetary citizens. And we still need many more aware emissaries on Earth so this great and long awaited shift can be seen, and not merely spoken of in small groups. We need wayshowers who have the courage to speak their truth and walk their talk as masters living on the physical plane.

What it is I need to know to be in harmony

Moving into an entirely new dimension of consciousness has always depended on those of you who are strong and brave enough to be our much-needed agents of change on the Earth. Throughout the centuries this has always involved those of you who are willing to live as your Presence and to be active examples of the changes you would like to see taking place on every level of life on your planet. We are here to assist you in defining what you feel you can do to make these changes a reality. After these are defined, then what you desire must be continually supported by the passion within your heart, mind and soul as nothing can be created, manifested or sustained without this passion.

Your next cycle is divinely blueprinted to be a living demonstration of what it looks and feels like to live in total harmony with every aspect of life both on and off your planet.

Each of your creations must be in harmony with the human, nature and angelic kingdoms so everything that you create is a demonstration of your deep connection with the Presence within all of life. These intimate connections with all of life have mostly been forgotten, yet now as you move into your new Golden Age it is vital that they be re-established to assist you in making changes that are good for all of life everywhere. This is a necessary part of being the change that will bring you into harmony with the Divine Crystalline Blueprint for the Earth and your new Golden Age.

Every true and lasting change always begins with your heart-felt agreement to bring more harmony, health, wisdom and well being into every level of life on your planet so you can actually be a living demonstration of what you want to manifest. When you choose to make a change, you are encouraged to look at whether or not your creation would nourish the land, the air, the waters and all of the elemental substances that make up the Earth and your physical body so every part of your creation is in harmony with the whole of life.

What it is I need to know to be in harmony

We encourage you to be a part of educating and inspiring those in your world to shift their focus to what is best for the whole so the field of information that has been supporting separation consciousness can now be aligned with Unity Consciousness. The creators of your technologies must also be encouraged to come into full alignment with whatever will support the relationships that exist between all of life.

We invite you to use the energy of Source to make any changes in your life and in your world that might expedite the manifestation of the new Golden Age of Freedom. It is now more important than ever that you also direct this Love and Light into any level of service that would enhance the success of humanity’s ascension into the 5th dimension.

thru Sharon Rose and Kamala Everett

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