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Lets be more aware

Lets be more aware

There are no Victims and no Villains, only unaware people. Free will and the Law of Attraction are gifts of Life improvement and Enjoyment. We are our own creator. We are in an energy game that is absolute, total and at our mercy. We are stupid, lazy, careless and self punishing. We are given an opportunity to have abundance, joy, love and anything we really want by playing according to the rules and instead we chose to suffer and prove to ourselves that nobody really cares and that nobody is us. We use our energy to Doubt, Fear, live in limitation, struggle and feel that we are victims, which is essentially true. We are victims to our own lack of responsibility. We are the creator all we need to do is change our focus and take conscious charge of how we Think, Speak, Function (do things) and then we have feelings about it. By focusing on and demanding from our selves that we choose to feel good and choose to use our power of expression in a Positive and Productive manner, by looking for solutions in a creative way, then the Power of Cause and Effect will reward us with Positive Results. It’s that simple. It’s infallible. With Trust and Faith and unyielding effort we can manifest anything we are willing to believe that we can create, but we have to do it, that’s the rules of the Game of Life, you get what back what you put out. So what do you really want? and what are you willing to do to get it? Change your use of your Free Will consciously, with trust and faith and you will change your life. It’s up to you. Be intelligent and JUST DO IT ! Aren’t you bored with negativity. It’s your movie.

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