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When we have spent most of our life being guided by a belief system

When we have spent most of our life being guided by a belief system that is doing it’s best to protect us from pain, fear and fear of more pain to come, it may take a lot of focused intention to make the changes we want to. We’ve been a victim to what we’ve believed we are far too long, it’s time to break free of our doubts, fears and limitations. Free will is Choice and even No Choice is a Choice, but a lot of the time we forget that we have a Choice and become habitual reactors. Under stress our belief system takes over and we react the way we believe we need to to survive. What we may not realize, is that our survival instincts, are what we thought we had to do to survive, as a child, before we were 7 years old, that was when our survival necessities, that became our belief system’s protections, were created and under stress of any kind we go into automatic pilot and revert to the same procedures. We are creatures of habit and may not realize how strongly our subconscious belief system has been controlling us under stress. We can change these habitual reactions by using ‘I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good” repeatedly, until we convince our cellular memories that we mean it. We need to take charge and free ourselves from our subconscious reactions and make them conscious responses. Here is some support from Kryon
Never Stuck
From Kryon Live Channel, “Current Events”
April 2005 in Washington, DC
Oh, this is complicated, but it’s true. No one is ever “stuck.” And if you hear that, it doesn’t honor the grandness of the angel called the Human Being, or the system you’ve set up to help the planet. You have full choice when you’re not here. The Human-Earth scenario is the only place where you receive a hidden persona where you don’t know who you are and have to seemingly walk in the dark. When you’re not here, you’re a part of the whole of God. Death is a known transition, and not filled with uncertainty, error, mistakes or mystery. It’s simply the closing of one door and the opening of another.
 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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