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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day, which should be Happy Oneness Day, a day to become one with our true reality, which is that ‘ Existence is one and indivisible. A part can not be where the whole is not. We are therefore the same  in kind and quality as the whole,the only difference is one of degree.’and that degree of difference, is our unique individuality.Life is a Spiritual Challenge to understand the value of our own chosen Game of Life and this awareness begins when we choose to accept and love our self, just as we are. When we choose to remember that we are a part of Divine love, pretending to be a human, so that when we do, we can add our love to this world, to assist the transcendence of stupidity into a new world of conscious awareness. Once we understand that we are an expression of love, we will understand that, so is everyone else and we will be able to share our love with everyone and everything. I wrote a poem that is an example of our individual Game of Life and is how it all works. If you like it, please share it with others. This is how we all do it.
A Glimpse of Beauty
I love myself  because  I’m me;
The only one who can really see.
What I really need within my soul;
So I can accomplish my earthly goal.
When I examine the way I feel;
And accept in my heart its no big deal,
I’ve learned from others that life is hard;
And I need to be constantly on my guard.
I must protect myself from the pitfalls of life;
That brings me nothing but sorrow and strife.
And so I’ve watched the world pass by;
And watched the people moan and cry.
Then I thought this is absurd;
They haven’t listened to the spiritual word,
They‘re looking for the Darkness not the light;
It seems to be everywhere not just at night.
I said to myself while inside looking;
This world is a pot of Wisdom cooking,
Cooking up lessons in my daily life;
So I can learn to transform misery and strife.
Into something, an idea, not really new;
Spirit all is spirit, Spirit is all there is;
No matter whose form it takes;
Be it yours or his or hers.
All that I need to do to make it all work;
Is to take of myself and stop being a jerk!
If we are created as part of it all;
Then its time to stop complaining and make living a ball.
I’ll transform life’s lessons through awareness and will;
I’ll take time everyday to sit silent and still,
I will appreciate my own efforts as no one else can;
I will look with love on life’s problems.
They prove all that I am.
My world will become quickly a wonderful place;
And I will bask in the glory of the whole     human race.
Knowing now in my every cell;
It’s all up to me to make life Heaven or Hell!
The responsibility for my life, the way I     perceive;
Is totally controlled by what I believe,
I need to examine what others have said;
To see how much from them is stuffed in my head.
I’ll then have a choice to respond in a new way;
To life’s constant challenges that come everyday,
These changes I make will then lead me to see;
The beautiful things I’m doing for me.
I now begin each day with love in my heart;
Please believe me when I say, it’s a wonderful start.
Now Existence smiles and showers me with love;
As I learn to create a world here, like the one up above.
This isn’t the end,
it’s just the beginning

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