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Understand Game of Life

The simpler things are the more difficult our mind seems to make them. What a challenge to understand this Game of Life that we came here to play, so when want to,we could decide to enjoy the challenge and have a good time in this body, that we chose to run around in, in this life time, in this world. We are a part of the Conscious Awareness of the Divine Matrix, that every thing in existence is created from, which is Love, the cosmic glue that holds every thing together. We are a part of and an unique expression of a loving Conscious Awareness, pretending to be a loving human being, then we purposely forgot what we really are and why we came here. We are an expression of love that is looking outside of our self, for what we can  can only give to our selves, SELF LOVE.We are love trying to find our selves in others and until we love ourselves, just as we are, we don’t know what love is, first we need to love ourselves and then we have love to share.Once we really chose to accept, love and care for ourselves, true love begins, when we love ourselves then we are O.K. we no longer need anyone else’s approval, the only thing we need to judge, is how to do better, to make more intelligent choices the next time we do something, so we can learn from experience and appreciate and love ourselves for our efforts, to regain the conscious awareness we are a part of and improve our self love. The more we chose to love ourselves, the more love we have to share. All we need is (self) love and our world will change accordingly.

You Are The Change

Part 1 ~ February 2015

You came into your present incarnation knowing that you had the potential to make changes that would assist your planet and all life upon her to shift into the higher dimensions of your shared consciousness. Over the last few years, the first levels of this impending shift began stimulating the memory grids of humankind so any thoughts, feelings or patterns of belief that were out of harmony with your ascension could be transformed back into the pure Love and Light of God. This purification process was greatly assisted by an unprecedented influx of Mother God’s Opalescent frequencies of Divine Grace.

Every heart received an abundance of Her Grace so every soul on your Earth would have the opportunity of shifting into Unity or Christ Consciousness. There has also been an equal influx of the Diamond Light of the Father so the co-joined frequencies of both Mother and Father God could stimulate the balanced activation of God’s Presence within each of you. This activity of Divine Grace coming in from both the male and female expressions of God has given you a much greater access to your own Presence and to these two magnificent Rays of Source so you can use them in making changes to bring your world into a new 5th dimensional home.

~ Alpha and Omega, the overlighting Consciousness of your Great Central Sun

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You were created to be a totally unique expression of the embodied Presence of God. As emissaries for expanding the Love and Light of the Creator, you came to Earth during your present Shift of the Ages to assist in the actualization of humanity’s dimensional ascension in consciousness. Your Presence is here to be a co-creative part of making any internal or external changes to expedite the fulfillment of your planetary ascension. When living as your already-ascended Presence, you become an active example of what it looks and feels like to be a conscious multi-dimensional being creating and living in freedom.

The choices and changes you make as your Presence is your ongoing opportunity to exercise your mastery and to become a conscious co-creator with God. As you center your full attention on embodying more and more of the Love and Light of God, your Presence will be the change-maker who constantly brings you the highest quality of life and the full extent of positive changes within yourself, your community and beyond.


As you live, love and relate with the unlimited awareness of your Presence, you will also be inspiring others to make changes that will initiate and stabilize your new world and the higher dimensions of consciousness that will be able to support it. The passionate desire to create a new Golden Age is being stimulated within the hearts of many Lightworkers around your world. This passion brings with it their willingness to join you in being conscious emissaries to usher in the freedom that is the keynote of the 5th dimension. Freedom has seldom been fully experienced on the 3rd dimension, yet it is your God-given right to make changes using the unlimited sea of resources that are available to the Presence of every soul.

Freedom is always encouraged when you are willing to see, support and interact with only the higher aspects of another. In your encounters with others, we encourage you to ask questions that will support them in aligning with their potential rather than focusing on their problems. In this way you will be celebrating their inherent wisdom and encouraging them to activate their gifts. We also invite you to be the change by implementing what you would like to see taking place within yourself! Now is the time to merge with your gifts and to allow yourself to be naturally swept up in a cascading waterfall of joyful inspiration that you can use to initiate and co-create any changes you sense would improve your life or the lives of others.

As you allow your Presence to choose every word, make every choice and orchestrate your every opportunity, then naturally your Divine service and the highest possibilities for your life will be revealed to you moment-by-moment and day-by-day. You will know how to initiate, manifest and support the highest potential of any changes you would like to see in yourself, your life and in the world.

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