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What is Love?

I’m going to talk about love, for a couple of days, most of us spend a good part of our lives involved with our idea of love. We search for it in others believing that we need to find someone who will be the true love of our life and fulfill our lives. We have lots of expectations on the people or the person that we feel will give us, what we think will be the solution, the answer to our love problems, a love that will fulfill our emotional needs. We quite often go from one relationship to another, one unfulfilled love story to an other unfulfilled love story.Then a lot of us settle for a relationship that may not give us everything that we’ve been searching for, but has enough of the compatibility that we need, to make a go of the mutual consent, that can keep a relationship lasting a long time and perhaps for the rest of this life, children have a lot to do with our keeping relationships alive. True loving relationships are quite often the results of mutual respect. So why are relationships such a problem? The answer is essentially  expectations, we are looking in the wrong place for what we really want and expect someone else to provide it and so is the person we expect to fulfill our desires, looking for us to do the same. The whole idea is generally a process of mutual confusion. We can’t get what we want from someone outside of us, it’s not out there, it’s inside of us andtomorrow I’ll talk about it.

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