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Changes in world

There is so much going on in our world that we can’t yet understand with our 3 Dimensional minds, that we are continually  getting glimpses of. These glimpses are to urge us to be more open minded about the major changes our bodies must go through for us to survive in higher frequencies and not to over react to these  necessary changes. We need  be able to go with the flow and maintain a positive and appreciative attitude, realizing that we are being gently guided to a more conscious reality. These changes are  being increased during this year, abundance has a far greater scope than we may realize. This is a year of more possibilities and probabilities of everything,  inner and outer, so it’s up to us to choose to be more aware and response-able for how we think and what we do with our energy, we need to be careful instead of careless. Making the choice to doubt our doubts and ‘Feel Good’ about whatever, especially the things we may not understand is the major key for us to use. If you don’t know what to do, plan for a miracle. I’v attached some information about E.T’. s  for those of you who may be interested and perhaps follow up for more information. If not ignore it.
Part of a blog on Extraterrestrials
This is an utterly vast topic, and it can’t be covered in a blog or a lifetime. I am nonetheless confident it is hugely relevant to the fields of energy, consciousness, science, relations, spirituality and much more. In relation to the ongoing Thrive liberty conversation, when I consider the prospect of involuntary interbreeding, or secret deals between ETs and governments that want to rule us, I am reminded that no matter how wise, powerful or technically advanced beings from other worlds of planes might be, the bottom line always needs to be respect for the sovereignty of each individual and honoring of the Non-Aggression Principle. We can learn from all beings but we should subjugate ourselves to no one.
One of my most impactful guides in UFOlogy and ETs is Richard Dolan — the highly respected historian, researcher, and author of such books as:
UFOs and the National Security State (Volumes I & II)(the best history I have seen of this topic for the US)
A.D. After Disclosure
(a fascinating detailed speculation on possible implications of Disclosure on the main areas of our lives)
UFOs for the 21st Century Mind
(a user-friendly overview of this topic for the layperson)
Here’s a compelling testimony Dolan gave at the recent Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure:

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