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Welcome 2015

Welcome to the year of abundance, this means that what ever we want will be easier for us to achieve, but it is up to us to visualize what we want  and  manifest it. The energy of this year is conducive to getting what we want, part of our responsibility though is to be more aware of any doubts and fears that may still be hanging out in our subconscious belief system. Doubts and fears are abundance killers. Taking charge of the way we use our energy when we think, speak, feel and act  this year is really important. It always has been, but now that we are in an abundance year, both positive and negative will be increased, so pay attention to how you choose to function all of the time. We need to work with this increased energy consciously or we will create more of what we don’t want, it is totally up to us. Of course it always has been , but now every thing will be stronger, so please use ‘I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good !  more consciously. The more you do this, the more you will realize its value.Lets take advantage of this year’s available abundance because we can, so therefore we will, if and when we choose to take control. It’s up to us, it’s our movie, have fun, I know that I will.  Have a  Happy and Prosperous New Year, remember its available and to to us if we care to use it.
Here is ab update from the Ascended Masters  for our encouragement.
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with some good news for each of you. Right now, we are watching our associates complete a number of tasks that are to lead you to a new epoch. Now that the Christmas holiday is complete, we are seeing that the various programs are concluding. We fully expect to see the rise of new governances around this world in the coming months. These changes are only the beginning of several new developments which are to drastically change how this world operates. Mostly, governments have been the playthings of the super-rich and powerful. Now these instruments are to represent you. This dramatic change is due in part to your great envisioning. It has taken much longer than originally expected. Meanwhile, Heaven continued to ask its many angelic guardians to accelerate the various readjustments that you needed. This program in turn produced the degree of change which Heaven wanted.
We, Ascended Masters, were required to use our envisioning powers to assist you in this grand task. We welcome your increasing acceptance of the many changes needed to transform this reality. Let us continue to pray and meditate together. A grand design is manifesting in this realm, which is destined to transform us all. We are most pleased by your cooperation. The energy fields have formed, which are to wonderfully forge our new realm. Use this ever-growing energy to bring in your dreams. We wish you freedom, prosperity, and most of all a return to the individual sovereignty and rights given freely to you. Each human on this world is destined to merge with his or her highest living potential. This resultant Being is to work with others to form a most marvelous new epoch for all humanity. It is this entity which is to join with the Agarthans and others to form a new Galactic Federation star nation.
Your future is indeed bright. We see ourselves as mentors for each of you. Together, we are to forge the means to solidify and sustain a galactic-wide peace. We are as well to be the core of a union of galaxies, which are to spread the Light throughout this section of physicality. We rejoice in all that we as a people have had to endure, to achieve this wondrous objective. Long ago the Anunnaki set us on a course that seemed only to bring you eternal difficulties. Heaven intervened and first provided you a way out. We have used this opening to bring humanity to where it now sits. You are blessedly going to go beyond this and return happily to your true state. In this state, you are to learn all about what really transpired over the past 900,000 years. Use this sacred knowledge to advance humanity and to fulfill the remaining prophecies given to us by Heaven. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Today, we continued our messages. This information is simply to help you. Know how deeply we love you. This realm is indeed beginning a change that is to fundamentally alter your history and bring you a great truth! We are all part of a great Living energy. This energy is part of a great Oneness. This Oneness is destined to bring Love and Light to all physicality. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Comments on: "Welcome 2015" (2)

  1. sashabe777 said:

    Thank you again so much for your reminders. They are very valuable to me…
    Have a wonderfull and healthy 2015 🙂

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