Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Feel Good

Christmas time, ‘this the season to be jolly, actually everyday it’s important to be jolly, to choose to feel good. Feel good is the key to increased power and increased conscious awareness. When we choose to feel good we are able to receive more of this changing energy that is in the process of transforming our body’s  cells into a crystalline substance, that can handle higher frequencies. There are a lot of bodily changes that we may be experiencing,  that we may not understand or feel that we have a bug like the flu  or something, when it may be the  result of our bodies, making appropriate and necessary adjustments to this increased energy, Practising three level deep breathing, drinking more water, eating less, chewing more, getting a little more sleep, spending some time in meditation, being grateful for these inner changes that help us evolve, are things we can do that are good for us no matter our reason for doing them. These things are things we should be doing for ourselves anyway,  it’s called caring for and loving our self so we can feel better and live longer in a healthy body, purposely After all  it is the only one we have, so lets commit to taking better care of our self and be grateful that we are. ‘this the season to be healthy, happy and whole-ly..

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