Life Coach, MetaPhysician

I keep talking about this again and again, because it’s so extremely important and valuable to your life. We just don’t get the fact that we are as powerful as we really are,.every time we think, speak feel and act we are creating exactly what we are expressing. This may sound silly and illogical, but its true, we are creating what we feel and how we think about it, this is a feeling world. When we choose to understand this, if we do, and honor it by functioning more consciously. Our life changes accordingly, we are the creator of our life and our world, we just don’t get it. A lot of us have such low feeling of self esteem and a subconscious belief of low self worth and ability, that we keep proving to ourselves that it’s true by the way we unconsciously choose to think, speak, feel and act, we keep our selves in limitation with our subconscious beliefs in a limited life, or a negative and limited expectation  of what we can do and what we deserve. We deserve abundance. it is our birth right but few of us really believe that and claim it. Our chosen spiritual purpose is to find the value of this life and it must start in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with us or our life, we can overcome any obstacle and transform all of our problems into opportunities any time we choose to believe in ourselves and our unlimited power.We are Divine beings pretending we are limited humans and it’s time to remember who we really are and take charge of what we choose to create. Change your intention and you can change your life, why not? everything else is silly and stupid. Give yourself a Christmas present and become consciously aware of what you’re doing.

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