Life Coach, MetaPhysician

What we think we become

Every little bit helps, major changes are easily created when we do a little bit continuously. Every day in every way, a little bit more awareness of what we think, feel, speak and how we act. Being aware of how many times we function habitually with out fore thought, of whether what we are about to do will make us feel good because we did it, or make us realize that we are reacting from preconceived judgement. This habitual reacting can also be a valuable incite when we choose to honor these old habitual reactions with “I Don’t Do That Any More! I AM Feeling Good!’. This wonderful mantra moves our energy from the darkness of subconscious negative habits into conscious responsibility, raises our vibration, and literally lightens us up. Energy follows intention, by focusing our intention on creating self improvement and working at it we will change our life., When we choose to become response-able for and consciously aware of how we are using our energy, every time we think, feel, speak and  act , we are raising our vibration and attracting more of what we really want. A healthier body, a more peaceful mind and feeling good is the key to everything we really want, it paves the way to successful abundance. It’s really that simple, change your focus consciously from habitually reacting subconsciously  to consciously choosing to feel good and you will change your life. Remember every little bit helps and God helps those who help themselves.

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