Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Choice of having an interesting life or being a victim is ours.
When we understand how energy works and realize what we are doing, we automatically pay more attention and take more responsibility for how we use it, because we know what we are creating. We are the creator of what we attract in our lives and realize that it’s up to us to be response – able or belief system reactive. It’s our movie and when we choose to really care about ourselves and decide to have a better life and a healthier body, it’s available for us to create. We didn’t come here to suffer, we came here to transform suffering into conscious awareness by choice. First we create our own idea of suffering so we can have a spiritual challenge, we never develop anything we didn’t want as a challenge and we never develop anything we can’t transform, that would be a punishment. Existence doesn’t create anything that doesn’t have a positive value, doesn’t judge and doesn’t punish, free will is free will. When we choose to change our intention and the way we believe, we change our life and create the life we came here to create and enjoy. This can be as easy as we believe it can be, just do it and see for your self.
Here is some helpful suggestions to ponder.
E-motion = Energy in Motion
by Bob Fickes
The Universe does not recognize negative and positive. It only recognizes energy. Energy in any form creates change in this Universe. All transformations on the path to Enlightenment make use of emotional energy. As long as there is Life Force, there will be energy moving through us to help us evolve and discover better ways to do things. Energy in any form leads us to our Enlightenment.
Our mind is a computer that creates priorities and makes plans to accomplish them. When our plans are challenged, our energy gets distorted by emotions. Our plans want to travel in a straight line, but our consciousness dwells in a forest of obstacles created by our past karma. We often forget that part of accomplishing our plan is overcoming the obstacles or karma that stand in our way. Emotions are powerful tools that give us more motivation to keep going and find the best path through the forest. There is no such thing as a straight line in Nature! Even a river bends and twists as it makes its way down the mountain to the ocean. Every river will eventually find its way to the ocean as long as it keeps going. The river has no mind to shout at it and tell it to stop! The river proceeds even when it is blocked by a huge rock. It simply goes around the rock and carves a new path to the ocean.
strong weak aura
Our mind thinks that emotions are trying to block us from achieving our goals. But in fact, emotions never say, “stop!” Our mind tells us to stop but our emotions are pure energy that tells us to keep going. Emotions give us the energy we need to find our way around the obstacle and make a new path. Never give up! Keep going! We don’t need to cut down the trees to get out of the forest! Find your way around the trees and discover a better path to reach your goal. Let your emotions be your friends.
If you feel anger, wait until you see a better way to proceed. Use your anger as motivation to finding a better path.
If you feel sadness and hurt, look for what can make you happy. There is a happier path to take than the one you are on.
If you feel fear, overcome your fear by looking more closely at the thing you are afraid of until you gain new understanding of how to proceed.
If you feel guilt, look inside your heart and re-examine your motives. Guilt arises because we know something is wrong. Perhaps you are motivated by too much ego and want to push your way through the forest without regard to other living beings. Relax and transform your guilt into love and compassion. Only then will the beings of the forest come to your rescue and help you to find a clear path to your goal.
All plans originate with Love. Love is the primary quality of Life Force. When our energy is motivated by Love, everything in this Universe smiles and helps us to find our way.

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