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New Year Resolution

The most important New Years resolution we all need to make will take care of everything. “I vow to take care of myself, make myself first, love myself, appreciate myself and give myself permission to develop the conscious awareness that will enable me to fulfill my resolution.”. When we choose to give ourselves what we really want the way we want it and stop looking outside of us for some one or something to be the answer to our desires, the game of life becomes what we all really want it to be, a life of love. Our search has always been a search for love and we have been looking in the wrong place, looking for what we all want, to be loved the way we want to be and we are the only one who knows what we want and need and the only one who can do it. Once we love our self, just the way we are, we have love to share, with anyone we care to share it with and we  can now help others to decide to love themselves by being an example of the value of love fulfilled. Since conception we’ve been seekers of love and beggars for affection, being disillusioned and resentful when we didn’t get it the way we wanted it and blaming ourselves and others because when we didn’t get love the way we wanted it. When all of the time we were looking for love in the wrong place, expecting that it had to come from someone else when all of the time it was inside of us waiting patiently for us to realize where true love existed, inside of our hearts. When we get the message and love our self, our world changes, we begin attracting the abundance of life that self love will bring to us and we become a beacon, a lighthouse of light and love to others and our world. This is a great resolution, so lets all of us do it so we can become the the loving person we came here to be. Happy, Loving  and Prosperous New Year to us all and our world.
To inspire our self love, here is a Saul channeling from Jesus.
from John Smallman
Trust in Love, because It is the only trust that is never misplaced.
Here in the spiritual realms, where you will soon be able to gain instant and limitless access whenever you wish, we continue to observe with delight the enormous ongoing progress that humanity is making towards its inevitable awakening. It is inevitable, and the moment of its occurrence is closer in every moment. There is only the now moment, which is infinite, never ending, in which all happens, in which all that is exists. And you are going to become aware of that and then open to it, whereupon you will be overwhelmed with amazement at the wonder of it, and in the new-found awareness that you have always been here!
Nothing has ever been withheld from you, it is just that the illusion which you built, and which seems to contain and limit you, has been a very convincing and long drawn out dream. So convincing that you fear to release yourselves from it because you believe that should you do so your existence will be terminated because there seems to be nothing apart from it. Of course nothing could be further from the Truth! You are all eternal beings playing with limitation and termination – death, oblivion, nothingness – through the illusion of time.
You do get momentary feelings or sensations that life is far more than you imagine it to be, that it should be uplifting, inspiring, truly joyful, but you mostly dismiss those feelings as childish nonsense, childish dreams that you have have outgrown. And you teach your children the same lessons. But today’s children are refusing, on a massive scale, to learn those ridiculous lessons, and they are demonstrating to you, by the way they are choosing to live, how misguided you have been. And that is yet another reason for rejoicing.
Today’s children are far less unconscious or unaware of their divine heritage, and are far less willing to cover their Light with a dark cloak and kowtow to the rules and dogmas of their families, cultures, and religions. They know, they absolutely KNOW that those rules and dogmas are insane, but many of them have not yet reached the point at which it comes fully into their conscious human awareness, or the point at which they are ready to disclose to you and to others their knowledge and understanding. They love you and do not wish to frighten you.
Many of you would be frightened if your beliefs and perceptions were suddenly and irretrievably removed by their being shown to you to be illusory. However, Love does not work against your free will, and your beliefs and perceptions are free will choices that you have chosen to accept and be ruled by. Love accepts that free will choice and waits patiently for your inevitable change of mind.
When you are ready you will discard them. But, at present, many are not ready, they wish that they were, but their fears have a strong hold over them because they have been shamed and misled so many times when their trust in another was betrayed. Their ability to sense when they can truly trust another, including God, has been weakened by their experiences within the illusion where they are desperate to find someone they can trust and who will love them for themselves, unconditionally. And it has been during that search for someone to trust and love that they have so often been misled and betrayed.
Love is all that there is. The divine Truth of this is seeping into every human heart, but the courage to accept It is still a little lacking: “What if I am just imagining this? If I open in Love, and behave only lovingly, I will be taken advantage of. I will be betrayed yet again. I had better wait and see what others are doing.”
But to wait is to delay the inevitable, and there is no need to delay. You are all so well supported from the Godhead, your divine Source, and by all of us in the spiritual realms that you can safely open to Love and offer It freely. You may get your foot trodden on occasionally, but that is all that can go wrong.
Trust in Love, because It is the only trust that is never misplaced. Your experiences of love betrayed in human relationships occurred because you loved conditionally and expected something back, felt that you were owed something in return for loving someone. That, of course is not Love, that is an attempt at bargaining, the setting up of a business arrangement, and business is extremely competitive, it moves on when it is offered a better deal. That has been your experience many times throughout the eons as you have incarnated again and again as humans seeking Love in all the wrong places.
There is only one place that you will find Love, and that is within yourselves when you visit your holy inner sanctuary and accept yourselves unconditionally. Release all your self judgments, your self doubts, your self flagellations, and utterly accept the fact that you are, each and every one of you, perfect divine beings created from Love, in Love, and that all your perceptions and beliefs to the contrary are unreal, illusory.
What God creates is everlasting and unchanging, and He created you! Let go of all your unreal self assessments in which you find yourselves in any way inadequate, less than someone else, not as good as someone else, and, sometimes, better than someone else! Everyone of you is eternally and infinitely loved by God, and that state of being, which is perfection, cannot be altered, it is permanent.
Victims, martyrs, those who see themselves as downtrodden or walked on, often justify themselves by pretending that they are being good and that their suffering pleases God or me, and they rejoice in that suffering because they believe that they have been promised restitution and even perhaps vengeance in the next life, the afterlife, when those who have made them suffer are cast permanently into the fires of hell. Another insane idea amazingly developed in the illusion to use against your enemies – everyone who does not agree with you, who tries to make you wrong
Everyone of you is the Center of the Universe. God is One, you are each One with Him, and He is the Center from which all of creation extends, the Center of the Universe.
However, within the illusion, your egos, in their terrified state of separation, have used that concept to build themselves up at the expense of all others – the egoic belief that everyone is a separate island, alone and threatened by all that surrounds it – by being smarter, stronger, better informed, better armed. But the fear remains that someone else who is stronger and smarter may appear at any moment, and that fear, that unknown threat has to be prepared for and defended against – if possible, even preemptively destroyed before it has a chance to destroy you.
You do need an ego to live competently in the illusion, but the vast majority of you have elevated it to the state of an idol which you adore and worship in the form of your bodies and brains, and then allow and encourage to advise and control you. And it is very competitive, encouraging you to engage in conflicts and disagreements in which it attempts to destroy the egos of others and prove to you that you, through its skill and wisdom, are the best, the winner, the one who is right. . . . And then you have to do it again, and again, and again, interminably.
When you engage in Love with a powerful intent your ego will object, but it is in awe of Love, terrified of It. So, when you attempt and intend to be loving and you encounter fear and anxiety, realize that you are engaging with your ego and choose to ignore or bypass it, thus allowing your true Self to guide and direct you. When you do, peace will flow in, and you will feel the Love that constantly holds you in Its loving embrace, waiting ever so patiently and lovingly for you to turn towards It and return that embrace. When you do you will confirm your acceptance of the eternal divine offer which has been waiting for just that acceptance so that its Love may comfort and console you, awakening you to your eternal and joyous inheritance.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

Upcoming year 2015

As we end 2014 a year of increased changes of spiritual awareness, a year  when a lot of us reconsidered our ideas of our selves and our world, we are now about to enter 2015. This coming year will be a huge blessing to those of us who are ready to take advantage of a year that offers unlimited abundance. The key to manifesting what we want in this wonderful year, is the way we choose to use our energy.Trust and Faith are essential, feeling good is the key to the energy flow, focused intention is the tool, knowing that what we want is ours for the creating, visualizing that we already have, what ever it may be, with all of our senses and most important, absolutely NO DOUBTS OF ANY KIND. This will be a year of available wealth, physically, mentally, emotionally, materially and spiritually. It’s an  8-6 year of loving benevolence and increased abundance, but we have to do our part though or will miss this incredible opportunity to manifest the abundance that want that is going to be available to all. It’s wake up and take charge time.
Kryon says we need to do it.
Have You Forgotten?
From Kryon Live Channel, “Revelations of Darkness”
October 2014 in Philadelphia, PA
Gaia is a life-force that is your partner, watching you change the balance of light and dark and reflecting what Humans want. It has polarity, too! Perhaps it’s time to start your meditations with thanking your planet Earth for supporting you in the spirituality of your Akash, for always being with you, a life-force that is always present. The ancients started their ceremonies in that way. Have you forgotten?
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

How was 1 for you?

How many changes have you  realized that you accomplished and experienced in 2014? This has been a year of increased awareness of spiritual energy to inspire us to wake up a little, or perhaps a lot,.Our world is changing and so are we. Our bodies are being changed so we can accept this new vibration that is on going, During this year we have see major upheavals in the business world, science has become more in harmony with the idea of spiritual reality, the force field, the power of belief and its enhancing or limiting influence. E.Q. emotional intelligence is becoming more of a necessity in the business world. Life Coaching has become a viable instrument for increased awareness seekers. Mobile phones have taken over general conversation and the net. This is making major increases in social awareness through the world. The amount of  change in country’s all over the world are so vast they are essentially to vast to list. The need for major changes have become more and more obvious and are attracting  more need for change, from people all around the world, we are changing and our world is changing and we want more of both. Energy follows intention and our conscious intention continues to grow. So back again to us as individuals, think about it, how much nave you changed? My guess us ‘More than you realize.’ So lets start, in case you haven’t, in planning our next desired changes in 2015, write them down, post them where you can see them so you can see you desires. Be intelligent, plan for a miracle.

Abundance is our birth right

Although Abundance is our birth right, we still have to claim it. Next year 2015 is an 8 year, which is a year of Abundance, which means  means that Abundance will be more accessible for everything, good and bad. So it is important to be aware of and more response-able for how we think, speak, feel and act, because we will attract a lot more of the whatever we do. We have a few days left to make some plans, to decide how we are going to improve ourselves, our life and our world, by how consciously we use our energy. It’s also intelligent to stop any silly and sloppy thoughts we catch ourselves thinking with “I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good!” That’s really important, stop it or get lots more of it, no time to be lazy and uncaring. Remember when you think about what you do want, you should add all of your senses to your vision, touch, smell, taste, and feel that you already have what you want. Abundance takes some conscious effort, but in 2015 it will more accessible. Ever wonder if you are an Angel? Check out the following and see.
Human Angels have certain characteristics that make them different from the rest of society. The following is an excerpt from the book, ‘We are Human Angels.’
If since childhood you have wanted to change the world and have not stopped believing…
If you have always dreamed of relieving the sorrows of all living beings…
If you feel that you have a special talent to help others…
If you have an out of the ordinary sensitivity…
If you have overcome difficult trials in your life…
If you think that despite everything, life should be lived with joy…
If, while always trying to give meaning to your suffering, you believe that there must be a way to stop yours and others suffering…
If in your heart there is no room for hatred and resentment…
If you always try to change evil into good and darkness into light…
If you always follow your heart even when it seems to be the hardest thing to do…
If you have always had a vision of heaven on earth and would like to spread it throughout the world…
If you have the ability to read people and know what is hidden within their hearts…
If you silently bless everyone you encounter in your life…
If you, from the very beginning, have always felt a sense of not belonging to this world…
If you have never been able to relate yourself with any group of people, but you have always had a deep desire to connect yourself with your Souls’ family here on earth…
If the search for truth is your greatest passion…
If you live with honesty even when it hurts…
If you believe in the healing power of Love…
If you still have the same dreams you had when you were a pure-hearted child…
If you feel you were born for a greater purpose and would like to express it…
…you are a Human Angel and you are just trying to remember.

Merry Christmas!!

For those of us who are in a Christmas spirit of giving, lets give a present to everyone and our world. Take a few minutes and write down the kind of world and its occupants, that we wish to have for our children and our selves to come back to. Make an itemized list, as an  example, how we will treat each other regardless of race, color and religious preference. Seeing differences of opinion as interesting, with out any kind  judgement, seeing the world in balance and harmony with nature. Listing the world with the scientific assistance that has solved all the problems of sufficient power, sanitation, transportation,  uncontaminated air quality. Healthy food production that is free of impurities and chemical additives. Healthy bodies because disease has been eradicated and healing any kind of imbalances or physicals problems has been developed. Everyone has Emotional Intelligence and the ability to create inner awareness and balanced harmony at will. These are a few of the things to list your ideas of. A new and conscious world inhabited by the kind of people we would enjoy knowing and sharing energy with, in this new world we are creating by the visions we are now listing. Have fun with this new world game. It can also be fun doing it with others like a parlor game. Merry Christmas.
Here is some good news and inspiration from the Ascended Masters to consider.
We are at a crossroads as this Gregorian year of 2014 comes to an end. Those who make up our earthly allies finally seem ready to use their current advantage over the dark cabal. The beginning of the next Gregorian year promises to bring out the forces of Light to arrest, and to oust the dark from power. This process was long in coming. The dark and its minions have been in charge of this planet’s surface societies for nearly 13 millennia. You are to start to build a new global society based upon freedom and prosperity. This is to lead to worldwide disclosure, which we feel is long overdue. Our mentors can then land and begin to move you swiftly toward building a society that is finally ready to accept those responsibilities that truly honors Gaia and the ecosystems that you reside in. Such a society can be a welcome transition, from the dark realms that you were born in to those which are fully conscious. It also means that you are able to complete a full reconciliation between yourselves and the realm of Agartha.
This operation by Heaven, to reconnect you to your ancestors and to full consciousness, has taken longer than at first expected. We have been in your mass presence for over twenty of your years. Heaven gave us a very strict number of decrees to follow. Over the years, we have gradually been released from many of these decrees and told to follow a more evasive series of actions. We have done these, ever mindful of what was to be done. Meanwhile, Heaven has continued with its divine program of altering your physical essence. This procedure is quickly reaching a point where a more direct degree of intervention is required. Hence, we are constantly altering the directives given to our various medical monitoring teams. At present, we nightly both record and modify the degree of changes that Heaven is accomplishing through its body guardians. These alterations are gradually readying you for your decreed return to full consciousness. We can report to you that these various alterations have changed nearly 40 percent of what you were born with.
These physical changes are mirrored by the transformation of your emotional and mental bodies. Your medical sciences are only beginning to discover how your physical, mental and emotional bodies are truly interconnected. They are also beginning to learn how these interconnections really operate. Life is, in reality, a very complex process. As you move toward full consciousness, the various layers of your three main bodies connect together on an even more profound basis than your medical science can even imagine! We are watching these connections come “on line” and begin to more openly “talk” to each another. This can be found in the dramatic increase of vivid dreams and the sudden sensing by many of you when we are observing you. This operation shows us that you are becoming more aware that you exist in many realities at once. This is part of your increasing levels of awareness. These phenomena are to increase as this awareness increases. You are to be readied shortly for our arrival and the coming interaction with our mentors.

Feel Good

Christmas time, ‘this the season to be jolly, actually everyday it’s important to be jolly, to choose to feel good. Feel good is the key to increased power and increased conscious awareness. When we choose to feel good we are able to receive more of this changing energy that is in the process of transforming our body’s  cells into a crystalline substance, that can handle higher frequencies. There are a lot of bodily changes that we may be experiencing,  that we may not understand or feel that we have a bug like the flu  or something, when it may be the  result of our bodies, making appropriate and necessary adjustments to this increased energy, Practising three level deep breathing, drinking more water, eating less, chewing more, getting a little more sleep, spending some time in meditation, being grateful for these inner changes that help us evolve, are things we can do that are good for us no matter our reason for doing them. These things are things we should be doing for ourselves anyway,  it’s called caring for and loving our self so we can feel better and live longer in a healthy body, purposely After all  it is the only one we have, so lets commit to taking better care of our self and be grateful that we are. ‘this the season to be healthy, happy and whole-ly..

Feel Gratitude

Last night I spent a lot of time, enjoying myself, with the feelings of Gratitude. I have so many things to be Grateful for, my list is quite long and I would like to share some of them with you and perhaps I will inspire you to do the same in your own way. I am grateful, for my body’s health, I’m 86 and in good condition physically, mentally and  emotionally. I am Grateful for being guided by existence to the person that gave me my Metaphysical training. I am Grateful for being able to be able to share the work that I do and how it helps people to understand their essential purpose in a life they chose to play with. I am Grateful for the people that are attracted to me so they can learn how to use their inner light and power, be able to improve their life and be able to share what they have learned with others.  I am Grateful for my being able to see the beauty of existence, nature, the people I come in contact with, this evolving world, and my life. I am Grateful for all of the difficulties I’ve experienced in my life and what I have been able to learn from them and how I was able to grow in awareness, strength and power because of them. I am Grateful for my partner and all of the love she shares. To make it simple I am Grateful for this life I created and how I’m handling it.. I’m also Grateful to be able to share all of this with you and Grateful to you for reading it and perhaps choosing to take time to think about your own list of things to be Grateful for. Have a. Merry Christmas.
Here is a gift from Kryon who I an extremely Grateful for, all the time, for his never ending gifts of  Wisdom and enlightenment.
Consciousness is the Glue
From Kryon Live Channel,”The Physics of Consciousness – The Future Revealed”
June 2014 in Berkeley Springs, WV
If you knew the physics of consciousness, you could build a better world. Listen to these attributes: First of all, consciousness does not travel from place to place; it does not travel in a straight direction; it does not travel!
Consciousness is not in one place, going to another; consciousness does not expand. It does not get bigger or smaller. Consciousness just IS. The consciousness of physics is just like the attributes of 3D physics, in that it just sits there ready to be enhanced or not, based upon other laws around it. When certain rules or laws are applied, then other laws all change together. Consciousness is the glue of life existence. If there were a formula for life, this is it.
~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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