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One of the major things we keep fussing with is what we think we are just as we are and we think it’s a negative, so we spend an an incredible amount of energy trying to change it, to fix something that isn’t broken, trying to be like someone else, blaming ourselves for not being what we think we should be, not accepting and loving what we are as we are. In reality we are all perfectly imperfect on purpose, we are what we wanted to be so we could see through the eyes of our chosen creation, learn what being this particular kind of a human can learn and accomplish, if we choose to do so. Because we all start out with no prior awareness of what we are doing, We are insecure and want to feel protected. When we feel our mothers emotions in the womb, and we do so for nine months. We feel that we are the cause of what she feels. When she feels positive we feel valuable, when she feels negative for any reason, we feel insecure. This is the begging of the development our self worth and our instinctive feelings of doubt, fear and guilt. Our spiritual challenge is self acceptance, as is, and understanding that by being what we chose to be we have a unique opportunity in this life, different from everyone else. Then instead of appreciating and loving our creation, we think we have to change it. No we just need to understand the value of what we are so we can learn what we can add to this world that no one else can do. There is nothing wrong with us Existence doesn’t make wrong. We all have a powerful gift for this world that we came here to share, once we accept our self as being the Divine being we really are, with a uniqueness to share, we are taking care of our earthly business and our Spiritual purpose.

Here is Kryon’s support

Do Not Despair!
From Kryon Live Channel
“Revelations of Darkness”
Philadelphia, PA October 2014

Evil is not created through outside forces any more than light is created through outside forces. Light and dark is a balance that humanity has the ability to pull in either direction. Did you hear that? You can go as dark as you want or as light as you want, and you have always had that ability. This is the duality that you have seen through your history, forever. However, you are in a situation where you have now come out of a barbarian age – thousands of years of conquering and killing and war – and you’ve turned a corner.

Again, I say to you: Do not despair! Generate the light that you came in with and stand tall and out of fear.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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