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Are you thinking more?

Have you been thinking different lately? Do thoughts come into your head that you never thought about before? As we continue to be exposed to a continually increasing vibratory  rate, we are becoming more available to inspirational messages from the masters, that are involved with guiding our spiritual growth. It’s kind of like ‘Think about this or have you ever really considered this?’ We may not be as open as we could be to what we hear from others, there are endless opinions being expressed these days, but they are just opinions until we decide to think about them and perhaps accept them as possibilities. When these thoughts seem to just show up in our mind they may be taken in a different  way. Quite often we may wonder where did that thought come from, so it gets more consideration. This is a preview of coming events, communication from consciousness to see if we are ready to take a different view about our self, our inner and outer worlds, others and events. We are becoming more receptive to what may be valuable information, we are becoming our own master.
Here is what Kryon has to say about it.
Things Change
From Kryon Live Channel
“Demystifying the New Age – Part 3”
January 2014 in Edmonton, AB, Canada
There will come a time when this kind of communication isn’t needed anymore. Things change, dear ones, and humanity changes. The evolvement of the Human spirit will eventually come to a place where most of humanity will be given messages directly. This will be because their pineal is open for them, and they won’t need to channel entities with odd names or magnetic masters. Receiving benevolent, beautiful messages from home will be for all.

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