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Isn’t it interesting, the energy of our planet is emotional, a good example is the response of plants to our sharing positive feelings with them and their re response to those of us who talk to our plants. Science even developed a way to read and measure this response that plants expressed when they are loved. So every thing in our world reacts to the feeling of love in a positive way. Our bodies do the same thing, the fact that our physical condition is directly influenced by our emotions has been researched and proven by scientists, is an accepted fact. One of the leaders of this proven truth is Dr. Bruce Lipton. His book The Biology of Belief should be a must read for everyone. Now the fun begins, Free Will is our birth right, free will of course means choice, even no choice is a choice. What we choose to do with our free will is returned to us, to show us what our choices are creating and what today’s choices are creating for us is returned by the Law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, so we can see what we are doing with our energy., Every time we choose to think, speak, feel and act we effect our life. We are our own creation, positive or negative we are the creator. We are constantly creating balance or unbalance  by our conscious or unconscious choices. Negative feelings create dis-ease, which develops disease.  Positive feelings create harmony which develops health, wealth and wisdom. We now have the choice to change to a more responsible use of our energy and develop more of what we really want instead of what we no longer wish to have in our lives.
Here is a suggestion from Kryon on a way to improve our health.
You’ve Earned It
From Kryon Live Channel “The Mysterious Innate”
August 2013 in Gaithersburg, MD
You have earned what you’ve lived, dear ones, and it’s very available. It lies in a quantum soup of lifetime information that is ready to be used. If you have a disease in your body right now, and perhaps you want to mine the Akash in a way that will create healing, you can. Like all nonlinear things, it requires a new, mature consciousness and practice to work. But the body is ready for you to “go get” the cellular structure of a past life that had no disease. The blueprint for this resides within you since you earned it and lived it.
  ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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