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Deep Honest Introspection

Deep honest introspection.
What is it that you really want, but feel that you’ll never have it? What is it that you feel is the problem that is keeping you from achieving  your inner desires? Why do you still hold on to doubts and fears? How aware are your accepting of believing that you have various limitations? What do you really want and what are you willing to do to get it? All of these questions have nothing to do with anyone outside of us, this is all related to our self. What do we feel is missing? How would our life be different if we already had those things that we think are missing? They are not missing, they are just unclaimed. Even if we have chosen a difficult physical challenge we came here with enough inner power to learn the lessons that this experience can offer us, blessed are those who overcometh. Every thing that we may have been denying ourselves has always been available the problem is and always has been that we don’t believe that we are worthy. We have accepted that what we have been believing is our truth. No it’s our belief system and the really silly and stupid truth is we created it when we were a child and we are still a victim to our own creation. Change the way you think, change what you believe and you can change your life. Abundance is our birth right we can have anything we believe we  can.Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Here is a poem from my book.
.                              Although my arms are twisted
and my legs are bent,
          I know this condition
is heaven sent.
      I gave up my attachment
to being Spiritually Blind,
          I’m no longer my body
or am I my mind.
    Now I see constant beauty
In life’s wonderful Game,
 And I Love my existence
lets hope you’ll do the same.
 Here is what Kryon has to say:
Tell Me What I Need to Know
From Kryon Live Channel “Soul Journeying Part 2”
March 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand
We say it again: If you wish to go to your knees to honor God in any way – when you pray or when you meditate – we are there. There’s really only one request you should consider asking your Higher-Self. The question is, “Dear God, tell me what I need to know.” It’s the best one.Again, the reasoning is this: All of the other things that you could possibly ask are subservient to that one request. “Tell me what it is that I need to know, dear Spirit, in order to solve the problem to get from A to B.”
You know who you are. You didn’t come here to suffer, dear ones. It’s time to work through that concept as well. Someone needed to hear that. Suffering was not the plan. Whatever has happened is now water under the bridge. You have complete control over your own cellular structure and it wants to hear from you.
 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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  1. By practising meditaion constantly ,we will get the state to introspect our selves ,the one thing which always back stack us is the thing which we fear the most,finding that thing is easy but each time we avoid it and it come over and over again,so instade of avoiding it accept it each time it appears in your mind then just acccept it and find what thing i should do when this fear appear.

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