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Ajna, A sensible Approach

Why should we think we are positive?

One of the major things we keep fussing with is what we think we are just as we are and we think it’s a negative, so we spend an an incredible amount of energy trying to change it, to fix something that isn’t broken, trying to be like someone else, blaming ourselves for not being what we think we should be, not accepting and loving what we are as we are. In reality we are all perfectly imperfect on purpose, we are what we wanted to be so we could see through the eyes of our chosen creation, learn what being this particular kind of a human can learn and accomplish, if we choose to do so. Because we all start out with no prior awareness of what we are doing, We are insecure and want to feel protected. When we feel our mothers emotions in the womb, and we do so for nine months. We feel that we are the cause of what she feels. When she feels positive we feel valuable, when she feels negative for any reason, we feel insecure. This is the begging of the development our self worth and our instinctive feelings of doubt, fear and guilt. Our spiritual challenge is self acceptance, as is, and understanding that by being what we chose to be we have a unique opportunity in this life, different from everyone else. Then instead of appreciating and loving our creation, we think we have to change it. No we just need to understand the value of what we are so we can learn what we can add to this world that no one else can do. There is nothing wrong with us Existence doesn’t make wrong. We all have a powerful gift for this world that we came here to share, once we accept our self as being the Divine being we really are, with a uniqueness to share, we are taking care of our earthly business and our Spiritual purpose.

Here is Kryon’s support

Do Not Despair!
From Kryon Live Channel
“Revelations of Darkness”
Philadelphia, PA October 2014

Evil is not created through outside forces any more than light is created through outside forces. Light and dark is a balance that humanity has the ability to pull in either direction. Did you hear that? You can go as dark as you want or as light as you want, and you have always had that ability. This is the duality that you have seen through your history, forever. However, you are in a situation where you have now come out of a barbarian age – thousands of years of conquering and killing and war – and you’ve turned a corner.

Again, I say to you: Do not despair! Generate the light that you came in with and stand tall and out of fear.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

How aware are we?

If we had any idea of how powerful we are, we would be more aware of and responsible for the way we think, speak, feel and act. Every time we choose to do something we are not only influencing our life, we are adding our energy to our environment and our world. This world is in the shape it is in because we created it by what we thought and did, in reaction to our life’s experiences and how we handled them. Our general reaction is unconscious, so we doubt, judge. complain feel victimized by what we could have used to grow in wisdom and strength which, when done by enough of us, would have transformed us and everything else. Life is an energy game we came here to learn how to play it consciously and create peace, friendship, loving acceptance of the value of experience and change unawareness into conscious awareness by choice. We love a Spiritual challenge, so we forget our essential purpose just to see how long it will take us to remember and this can take us many lives, because it’s up to us, we are dealing with free will. When we finally get the message that we can do anything we choose to do with focused intention and perseverance, and we care enough to make up our minds and do it, we change our life and we are now doing what we all came here to do, make light and assist our planet to evolve. Good for us, the Bible sends the message, ‘Thy will be done on earth as is in Heaven’.
Here is a long channeling  from Gabriel to inspire us to play positive on purpose.
A Message from Archangel Gabriel
by Marlene Swetlishoff
November 20, 2014
Archangel Gabriel Lg
Beloved Ones,
Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as transfiguration. As a soul, one evolves until one is finally able to recognise aspects of one’s divine nature and its interconnectedness to all life. As a soul, one is continually evolving towards complete expression of one’s innate divine perfection and to a more conscious, spiritual way of life. When one’s consciousness awakens to the higher aspect within their core essence, the individual begins to seek ways to purify the mental, emotional and physical bodies to enable the soul infusion process and merge with their divine essence to take place. When this soul merge begins to occur, the transfiguration process begins in earnest. One becomes more than the carnal, materialistic and worldly self with only physical powers to exercise and manifest. One becomes their spirit self which sits gloriously, majestically and silently at the center of their being. This true essence now begins to manifest through the refined and purified physical, mental and emotional human body and consciousness. One becomes the outward expression of God’s invisible kingdom and God within. There is a strong desire to serve humankind and to help one’s sisters and brothers. This state of being is discerned in an individual as a change of appearance into a more beautiful, spiritually refined and luminous state. One’s divine essence which is invisible and silent, fluid, non-material and ethereal permeates everything. It is a cosmic light and cannot be grasped but is powerful, magnetic and unstoppable by anything. It is a loving forceful energy that is good and holy. It is kind, benevolent and compassionate. One’s true essence when manifesting upon the Earth can perform benevolent miracles and wonders at will in the life of all of its creations.
Through this transfiguration, one’s human persona is reborn forever into the innermost divine essence within them. The spirit, the soul and the individual human persona is now living as the fully integrated, unified and transfigured divine human individual. The individual knows without a doubt that they are a spirit being, and that those around them are also spirit beings and that they are formed in the image and likeness of the Creator of all. They know they are spirit, limitless and free, that their soul has qualified and liberated itself from the control of matter which it inhabits. The individual has passed through the portals of initiation into transfiguration and a higher knowledge. This indicates the mastery of their lower human tendencies has been accomplished. All the temptations to use their greater power for human aggrandizement has been tested and they have passed. Their true qualities and the attributes of their divine soul can now be expressed more fully, powerfully and completely. The physical, etheric, emotional and mental vehicles of the personal self are completely transcended and their entire personality is irradiated by the full light of their Soul. This event marks the evolution of their consciousness when the energies of universal mind can begin to flow through them into the objective world. They recognize their oneness with all of humanity and all of life and feel moved to serve and uplift the whole.
The individual experiences more and more of the celestial cosmic energy flowing within them and through them and this is reflected in their expression of truth. Their transfigured nature expresses perfectly by radiating that which is within them outwardly, the spirit and the human are now one. Transfiguration is an expansion of consciousness and requires fierce determination, an unwavering purpose and force of will as well as persistence and spiritual integrity. The individual must sacrifice their personal will to the spiritual Will. The transfigured and soul infused individual exemplifies complete freedom from the claims and demands of the physical, emotional and mental influences of their personal life. The individual experiences the union of divine energies and a sudden inflow of transfiguring glory as they recognize more fully than ever before, their responsibility in the great plan of restoring love and light within themselves and in a greater context, in the world around them.
The anointed and unified individual soul takes over the human life fully through a divine, loving and blissful force. This is the individual soul’s true spiritual transfiguration composed of divine substance and in its true healing state. Their transfiguration and transformation results in a total and complete consciousness change through their spirit and soul reunion. One’s fully integrated soul knows the realization of true self through the reinforcement of their spirit presence and power within. The spirit mind and soul is an overlay that is strongly, firmly, and overwhelmingly around their human counterpart. Their soul is now living a new life with God presence dominating their every thought, word and deed. The soul now sees self as their divine essence both within and without. The soul has no other choice or duty at this time except to submit, surrender and change into its original divine creation as its own divine essence. By yielding personal desire to the soul’s impulse to serve the greater good, the human individual now becomes a recipient of divine inspiration in service to the plan of evolution, bridging the gap between heaven and earth and serving as a co-creator with Divinity in establishing the new golden age of enlightened living on Earth.
In expressing the nature and truth of the soul and the subtle inner realms to which it belongs, the transfigured soul makes the invisible presence of spirit come alive. They hold the mind steady in the light. In the realm of the sacred, their true beauty shining from within them has the power to awaken the souls around them without intention or words. Their shining radiance penetrates straight into the deeper recesses of the heart where the doorway into the world of light and the radiance of beauty is found and allows each individual to experience divinity. The transfigured individual’s vibrations electrify the subtle senses of others in a way that makes them aware of a higher dimension of reality. One’s goodness, truth and beauty manifests as an embodiment of the divine in the world of material form. It offers to others a glimpse of the life that imbues all forms with a spark of the divine essence and stirs the soul in others to awaken into their own divinity. When enough of humanity has accomplished this, the radiant light of humanity’s collective soul will create a new order on Earth contributing to the unfoldment of human consciousness.
May you continue to aspire to become the light of transfiguration within your own soul which will serve to awaken the collective soul of humanity and fill the world with the light of Spirit.
I AM Archangel Gabriel
©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace
Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

What is our spiritual challenge

Because of the new people interested in my daily posts I’m posting the basics today so there is a good foundation for my posts and it’s also a good reminder for the rest of us.
 Basics repeated for new people to think about and for others to remember.
We are Divine beings who chose to become humans and play the human game, In a chosen way, as a Spiritual challenge, to find the value of our choices.
We never choose anything we didn’t want as a challenge and we never choose anything we can’t handle and learn from. We came here with 100% power to play the earth game and we still have our essential power, the question is, are we using our power for us or against us?
In this world we are playing with 3 laws, Free Will, Choice and even No Choice is a choice, The Law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, what do today will come back tomorrow and show us what we did today, so we can decide if we wish to repeat how we handled a situation or would we like to do something different. this the way to make a changes in what we do and how we act. The third law is, the energy of this planet is Emotional,  this is a feeling world. Whatever the problem may be in our life, the problem is never the problem, the way we feel about the problem is the real problem.
There is nothing wrong with us, we are a part of Existence and Existence does not make mistakes, we are exactly what we wanted to be, just as we are, to find the value of our creation.  We are unique, there is only one person in this world like us and this enables us to see this world and everything in it in our own way. We can’t be or do wrong, the worst we can do is Silly and or Stupid, remember, free will is a choice to choose, our own experiences.
Our essential spiritual purpose is ‘Self acceptance as is.’ When we choose to accept what we created, we can change it anyway we believe we can. Until we accept it we are a victim to our own creations. We are own worst enemy and the enemy is our own childhood belief system that we created. Our Doubts, Fears and Limitations are a product of our childhood experiences and what we instinctively felt we needed  to do to survive, relative to our emotional reactions to our family and our environment.
We and our world are in the process of a major change of the energy of our planet, we are evolving into a 5th Dimensional vibration, when this frequency is completed we will be in a more conscious, peaceful, loving energy and we will be able to act accordingly. To make this transition easy and simple for us to become one with these energy changes, we have been given a Mantra (a spiritual saying) to assist us along the way. When we are aware of any old negative habits or anything that may make us feel bad, this is what we can say, that will support our efforts to raise our vibration easily.
‘ I Don’t Do That Any More!, I AM Feeling Good!’, I AM, I CAN, and I Will!
Please use this as much as you can it will stop negative identification and move us into a more desirable and productive vibration.
My posts are shared with the intention to inspire positive thinking.
Shared with love and my appreciation that you’ve read this.

Mother Nature

When you think about it, we have done a good job of almost destroying our planet. Unconscious greed and materialistic achievement, with out consideration for the health and balance of nature, have given us a world that is in serious trouble, that needs our conscious help. We are very good at scientific discoveries and creating new and efficient toys, but we seem to be deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to mother nature. The ways and means of creating and restoring the balance and harmony of nature is available to be used to heal our earth, but we don’t seem to care enough to demand that it becomes a priority. The health of the people of our world is in terrible condition and we seem oblivious to anything that we can do about it, so we support declining health and make Pharmaceutical Companies, Doctors, Food manufacturing companies etc. rich and ourselves and our world sick. What are we, nuts, just lazy or brainwashed by the big businesses use of the media? What ever the excuse it has to stop or we will produce more and more of the same, limited and unhealthy people on a sick and unhealthy planet.
Here is an interesting channeling from outer space on this same issue that is worth your interest.
New Earth Design ~ A Star-being Sharing
from Jenny at Channeling Grace
Note: This is the first channeling Jenny has received from a Star-Being. Usually she channels Jeshua, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.
 Greetings. I am Seth-atha. I am delighted with the opening you are providing to offer a short message today for all seekers, all who would know their inner selves and the family of beings who exist to love you. We are star-born and bred, coming from the [sounded like — Hebridean] star cluster, 12 light-years beyond Pluto.*
We travel the universe in service to the Mother, finding ways to assist where-in there may be circumstances where some of her children have become caught in a web of their own thinking. You do understand that you create with thoughts? [Yes.] This accumulates, making rather complex systems of concepts, beliefs – structures of thought – that at times can become self-destructive, restrictive to the point of alienating one-self from the memory of the whole of which we are all a part. So, you see, and now understand – this is the case with the peoples of Earth, and we have responded with our presence.
We most often work with the mechanical systems of your world to provide means of liberating societies from hardship ~ we are from a world in which there is much delight in the creation of moving forms, and sequences of forms, which manifest in travel, in produce of many kinds, in music ~ you see, we are quite inventive and enjoy entertaining new ideas, new sequences of forms which function to the benefit of all.
Our society is quite cohesive, and yet each is an individual creator in their own right. We do not have polarity of roles, such that some create (are more powerful) and others are divorced from their creative powers, dis-owning themselves through passivity. Each of us en-joys the process of creation and we find increasing joy in collaborations to produce that which would not be created by one solely. You see, each of us has a unique viewpoint from which to offer to the whole ~ thereby the sum of the collective creation is magnified in its layers of beauty, meaning, history.
We are a proud race, one which feels joyously strong and fulfilled in our creativity. We come to Earth at this point in your history, a turning point of universal significance, to assist in the movement toward this creative collaboration, which will re-align and re-create your social systems to be more environmentally respectful and more whole-serving.
You are aware that many of your systems – such as food production, transportation, or housing – are most often dependent on a less than beneficial relationship with the living environment on the surface of Gaia’s body, which lives to serve you. The detrimental effects of your manufacturing patterns of use are not in alignment with what would be the wisest and most loving response to the Mother’s Gifts. Mother Earth, in her physical aspect, deserves a much more gentle adaptation.
You, in your evolution, are now prepared to begin to conceive and carry out /manifest new ways of being in beneficial relationship with your living practices and with your loving practices. Be open to inspiration, which will offer new insight into the creative possibilities. We will be relaying to you new possibilities for design, for manufacture and employment of form, which will be helpful as you all dream and manifest the new Earth. It will integrate some of the best of the old ways with transition forms allowing the bridging of what is familiar with what is now possible but astoundingly new.
For example, a chair will still hold qualities familiar to you, but will be potentially of natural materials and softer substances with greater attention to mechanics and comfort, adjusting effortlessly with your subtlest movement to allow you to feel greater pleasure in your sitting [they showed me a picture of a person sitting in a seat shaped like a huge hand, as an illustration of the ability of a “chair” to adjust to, support and give pleasure to the sitter.] Be not afraid of the new, but open your minds as you open your hearts to the most wondrous possibilities, which will bring ease and enjoyment to Earth Mother – Gaia, and all she houses. So may it be!
Ala-gem (goodbye) for now…. Our warmest blessings, dear friend.”
Thank you Seth-atha, for this surprising and helpful message. Ala-gem.

Why problems come our way?

What do you do and how do you feel when you are presented with problematic or undesirable experiences? Do you see them as opportunities and see them as interesting challenges or do you react to them as uncomfortable and resent that you are forced to deal with situations that you feel attached by? Actually we often feel burdened by things and events we don’t see any reason or value in. Spiritually speaking what these unwelcome experiences are, are important to us as a creative challenge to find the value that is available in everything. This may seem ridiculous at first, but it’s true. To look for and find the value of everything is our spiritual purpose for choosing to be born as a human, existence doesn’t create anything that doesn’t have value and at times it may take a while to recognize it. Some of our experiences and our exposure to them, may make take time and effort, but it’s there and worth the effort. When we do this as a general rule, we grow in strength, wisdom and  feel good because we learned something beneficial that will enhance our life. We also used our energy for a positive reason instead of reacting to something we really had no control over, shit happens but when we don’t react and spend time and energy feeling negative about something we use to see as a bad experience, we turn shit into fertilizer, for growing a garden in our hearts.

Are you thinking more?

Have you been thinking different lately? Do thoughts come into your head that you never thought about before? As we continue to be exposed to a continually increasing vibratory  rate, we are becoming more available to inspirational messages from the masters, that are involved with guiding our spiritual growth. It’s kind of like ‘Think about this or have you ever really considered this?’ We may not be as open as we could be to what we hear from others, there are endless opinions being expressed these days, but they are just opinions until we decide to think about them and perhaps accept them as possibilities. When these thoughts seem to just show up in our mind they may be taken in a different  way. Quite often we may wonder where did that thought come from, so it gets more consideration. This is a preview of coming events, communication from consciousness to see if we are ready to take a different view about our self, our inner and outer worlds, others and events. We are becoming more receptive to what may be valuable information, we are becoming our own master.
Here is what Kryon has to say about it.
Things Change
From Kryon Live Channel
“Demystifying the New Age – Part 3”
January 2014 in Edmonton, AB, Canada
There will come a time when this kind of communication isn’t needed anymore. Things change, dear ones, and humanity changes. The evolvement of the Human spirit will eventually come to a place where most of humanity will be given messages directly. This will be because their pineal is open for them, and they won’t need to channel entities with odd names or magnetic masters. Receiving benevolent, beautiful messages from home will be for all.

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