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Touch your spiritual energy

The more I research various ways of using energy the more I’m becoming a believer in the value and efficiency of Quantum Touch. For those of you who are interested in helping others with their problems and for those who are working with others in some way, I highly that you checkout Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon and consider adding the use of his work to what you are doing or want to do. I’m using it more and more in the work that I’m doing and I find it is an incredible addition. It’s all an energy function regardless of what it is. The more we conscious of how to move energy and our energy blocks the more we become in harmony with and aware of the unlimited energy and our ability to use it for our highest good and the highest good for all. As we evolve into this new energy, the more new and efficient ways to use it appear for our use. Quantum Touch is one of those simple and magical techniques available.You tube it and check it out.
Here is a little boost from KryonThere’s

Nothing Like It
From Kryon Live Channel “The Mysterious Innate”
August 2013 in Gaithersburg, MD

It’s the heart connection, dear ones. Innate is what creates emotion. Let me tell you, dear ones, that innate helps you fall in love. Innate gives you energies that you can’t explain. Innate makes you just a little nuts (nobody can explain the “in love” feeling), but innate knows all about it. Innate can change every cell of your body, and it will ring true with information and help for you personally. This will create more discernment and a wise Human. There’s nothing like it, and the most important thing is that “truth is truth”, and more and more Humans will see what you see. Can you see how innate would serve humanity and how it shakes hands with your Higher-Self and knows about God?

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