Life Coach, MetaPhysician


Solitude is the state of deep meditation. This can only be accomplished with dedicated long and dedicated meditation a technique of reconnecting to the ones of Conscious Awareness that are are a part of before we choose to play the Human Game. Except for the few who per-sue that challenge for their own reasons, the rest of us chose the challenge of becoming consciously aware through relating. The challenge for us relaters is to first find, understand, appreciate and love the unique individual we chose to be, just as are, without any negative judgement. No matter what we have chosen to be that is our spiritual challenge to see the value of our own creation, the more difficult our situation may be, body, mind, emotional attachments, this is what we wanted as our challenge and we never choose a challenge we didn’t want and we never choose a challenge we can’t find the value of, we are strong enough to accomplish our challenges our we wouldn’t have created them. We love a spiritual challenge or we wouldn’t have created it the way that it is, that’s the challenge, this is our individual game of life. Once we do that, and it may take several life times to make up our mind to do it, we have a conscious relationship with our selves we can have one with everyone else, when we are O.K. just as we are, then so is everyone else just as they are without  judgement. A true respectful relationship is sharing the love we have given ourselves with anyone we chose to share it with no expectations of any thing in return, that’s a conscious relationship. AS far as being concerned about being effected by the energy of others, the challenge is to to protect your self, if you are around negative, opinionated, judgmental people and you feel affected by them, don’t hangout with them, find people to hang out with that you feel good  when you are around. The energy and attitudes of others can not effect us unless we allow it, we have to chose to react or we aren’t effected, they are a challenge to us to learn how to stay centered and buy in to their low negative energy, if you don’t feel you can do that, excuse yourself and leave. Otherwise every thing outside of us has nothing to do with us, it’s their movie, let them have it. Alone time is valuable that’s why it is intelligent to meditate regularly, give our busy mind a break. Forget loneliness you can’t be alone you are a part of everything and you don’t need others except to have someone to share the love we all ready have with. We are love in confusion. Questions are welcomed

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