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Our Spiritual Journey

Our life is really an individual mystery journey, we set ourselves up with spiritual challenges of probable exposure to experiences, just to see how we will choose to use them. It’s like taking a trek in a strange country with no road map or direction except onward. We have chosen guides. Our first guides are our parents with perhaps limited and at times confused ideas of how we should travel, they give us the directions they think are valuable for us to make our journey successful and arrive safely, They may not have any real awareness as to where we are going.except onward. The rest of our guides that we meet along our way, and we are exposed to many guides. on our mystery tour, teachers, preachers, authorities of all kinds, about everything, most of them with good and some with bad intentions, who also may have little or no idea of the purpose of our unique, individual and mysterious journey of life.It’s interesting that we all came to earth to pretend to be a human to find the value of our creation. To make our journey of life more interesting by purposely forgetting that life is a game of conscious awareness that we chose to play in our own way so we could become a temporary victim to the advice of our guides. Actually there is no where to go, just something to do. Our job is really the same for all of us, to understand and become one with our inner light, to identify our life as a spiritual challenge of conscious awareness, to recognize the value of the existence of everything in creation, to love our self just as as we are and to share love an compassion with as many others as we can.We are playing with a very limited mind that is burdened with doubts and fears, it take focused intention with trust and faith to play the game of life in a way that’s always available, with love in our hearts and the joy of the discovery of its value. Travel light.

Here is what Kryon has to say about our usual mind set. Potentials Are Reality

From Kryon Live Channel “Demystifying the New Age – Part 3”
January 2014 in Edmonton, AB, Canada

In traditional mainstream beliefs, the soul is a singular entity that belongs to the Human whose face is in your mirror. When you die, the soul goes with you to somewhere else. In some belief systems, it then comes back. It’s simple, incorrect, but it’s OK, very OK. If I said to you, “You have to walk before you can run,” you would understand this as logical common sense. The same process of understanding spiritual truth is part of a spiritual evolutionary process of perception. It’s not necessary for you to know all the details of something to use it or to feel it.

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