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Silence!! A must in Life!!

A lot of us are so busy playing the game of life the best we can, with the tools we believe that we have, we don’t take the time to become aware of what more we really have available. We are a lot more than we may think we are. Being a part of Conscious Awareness, the whole is always available. Existence is one and indivisible a part can not be where the whole is not, we are therefore the same in kind and quality as the whole, the only difference is one of degree and that degree of difference is the way we have chosen to think and believe. The door way to more self awareness is silence, as long as we are thinking we are what we think and no more, we are limited by our programmed mind, in silence we can become aware of our essential truth.The problem is that most of us don’t take the necessary amount of time and practice, to still our mind long enough, to stop the mind’s dominance long enough for us to  enter and become one with silence, where the rest of us exists, so we don’t know what more is available. It takes work, focused intention and most of us are too busy doing other important (?) stuff, to become more of what we really are and what we can become. We came here with unlimited power and ability to play The Game of Life and then most of us have made it difficult.
Here is what Kryon has to say about it.
Been There and Done That
From Kryon Live Channel ” Soul Journeying, Part 1″
March 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand
What is one of the chief attributes of mastery? Silence. You knew that. We have taught you, “Be still and know you are God.” It’s silence. When you are silent, there is an internal knowing. You’re wise beyond words because in history you’ve been there and done that. Perhaps you don’t know the details, but just sit there for a moment and be quiet. Don’t you feel who you are? Is this too far removed from your Human intellectual pursuit? Is this too far removed from your 3D logic to think that there was more to life than what you’ve been told?
 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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