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Understanding God

It’s interesting that so many people argue about even have wars about God. My god is the only true God and all other Gods are false. What a silly thing to do. First of all they have never seem God, they only believe that God exists and then they have different kinds of God. Judgmental, Vengeful, Demanding, Strict Punishing many varieties to suit a specific religion. Which essentially is a means of control. As children a lot of us were threatened by what God sees that we are doing, what God knows about our behavior.My favorite is the benevolent God that has given us free will to learn from experience, that doesn’t judge, doesn’t punish, just loves its creations and supports our en devours, after all we are a part of.God so why would God be angry about what a part is doing with thrir free will. and it’s all on faith. Here is what Kryon has to say.
Some Call It God
From Kryon Live Channel “The Fast-Track Systems”
June 2014 in Mt. Shasta, CA
The energy from the great creative source is in every single Human Being and is the same. Some call it Spirit and some call it God. The earth is a monotheistic planet that celebrates one God. It’s finally time to see that all that is comes from one source, the one that’s inside, and it is beautiful, and it’s for all. It’s time to settle the differences and move forward.
 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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