Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Need to be More Positive

I am constantly amazed by how difficult some of us make our lives. It’s so easy and simple to just pay attention to how we think, speak and feel and choose to change any unconscious negative use and habits, that not only make us feel bad but will bring us more of the same, until we decide that feeling good is an intelligent choice. We’ve been victims to our use of our energy long enough, are we stupid, lazy, masochists or what/? Who’s doing the thinking? are we negative robots, helpless creatures of habit, choice less sufferers? or are we capable of being response-able for choosing to feel good? The choice is and always has been ours. Free will means choice, even no choice is a choice. So in case you haven’t taken the response-ability to feel good or if you just need to increase you efforts get with it. You only recognize the wonderful rewards that feeling good gives us until it’s your experience.

Be a Nike…JUST DO IT ! or DO IT MORE !..
Feeling Good is the key to attracting what we really want, the key to awareness of who we really are and the key to freedom of limitation.

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