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Intuition is our inner guidance, that inner voice that keeps talking to us with feelings, that encouraging thought; perhaps about directions, sometimes interesting hints and always doing its best to inspire supportive feelings It always does its best to guide us and warn us. As an example when we may over eat or eat something that our body doesn’t appreciate, our mind gets a message from the feelings of the discomfort that we may or may not pay attention to.. At times we may feel uneasy about circumstances or even other people, these feelings are our power of intuition. The more we listen to these feelings and look for their purpose of making us more aware of possible dangers and or possible creative inspirations, the stronger our intuition will work for us. Especially now that the energy is changing, and increasing in the power of possibilities, our Intuition becomes more and more valuable and informative. As we continue to progress into the unknown of the new, it’s important to to listen to and trust our intuition.

Here is a comment on Intuition from Kryon.


From Kryon Live Channel
“The Letter I in the Word Kundalini”
October 2012 in Cusco, Peru

It’s the intuition that’s going to unify things that haven’t unified well in the past, and it’s the intuition that’s going to create new paradigms of life. It’s intuition that’s going to drive biologists to find life in the dirt and in the rocks, that live in a semi-quantum state. These are future things that can’t happen if humanity is only driven by the intellect, logic and emotion.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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