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Feel good everyday

I wonder how many of you who read my posts regularly are putting them to work? who are doing more than reading them to inspire your day? I can assure you from personal experience that if you do these simple exercises of personal response-ability you will change your life in a way that will make you feel good. Choosing to feel good is the key to conscious awareness and it takes conscious awareness of what we are thinking and the determination to nicer to ourselves by demanding a determined change to a feel good response, really feels good and change simple and easy. Just do it and prove to your self that you really care. I can’t convince you how valuable this is, it must become you chosen experience. I know that when it becomes your experience you will not only keep doing it, you will also want to share what it does for you, to as many other people as you can.
Here is what the Ascended Masters have to say.
Every being in the world is being invited to redefine their priorities and reorient their attention so it is in alignment with the consciousness of their Presence. This involves shifting one’s focus away from the outer material world distractions into connecting with the eternal essence of the soul that resides within. To ascend into the freedom of the 5th dimension, time must be given to establish an ever-deeper connection with your Presence. Your beloved God Presence in concert with those of us in the Ascended Realms are stimulating your hearts to assist you in remembering that you came to Earth to reinstate your spiritual inheritance and to implement your service according to your magnificent Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times.
~ The Ascended Masters in the Councils of Shamballa

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