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I some times wonder how my posts are received, do they manage to get to your heart? When we take things to our heart it helps to activate our Pineal Gland which opens up our connection to spiritual conscious awareness. The importance of these times we are going through have an importance that may be difficult for us to see and understand at the level that they carry for us. We are indeed blessed and fortunate to finally be in this incredible experience of transformation. We’ve struggled with a divided mind set far too long, it’s time to work on our oneness with our true reality, being aware of our inner Divine Power of Creativity and become the person that we already are and have been denying and avoiding. We’ve punished ourselves for our lack of whatever, far too long. it’s time to be aware of our truth and grateful for opportunity to enjoy self acceptance as is and love what we are just as we are. Great idea, here is what Kryon has tp say.
Here by Appointment
From Kryon Book 7:  Letters From Home
Pages 88-89
Oh, some of you feel that you come to these kinds of meetings or read these kinds of words, so that you’ll  get a message “from beyond.”  After that you’ll get up and go do something else – perhaps an errand.  This time we invite this experience to be different.  We want you to understand that the energy that flows into this space is for you today – by appointment.  There may not be another time when you can make this kind of appointment, dear ones.  This is the time, and this is why you are reading these words.  When you arise, try celebrating with us for a moment that the family loves you enough to communicate with you and know your potentials.  Just take a moment before you arise and say, “I love you” back to the family.  Feel the energy when you do.  We will hear it, you know.
 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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