Life Coach, MetaPhysician


More and more people are expressing their feelings about wanting to live in a world where there are no Wars, the anti war  protesters are growing in number. The interesting and entertaining thing to me is most of them or at least a lot of them that protest loudly have an inner war of their own. Their inner God keeps encouraging all of us to accept that what we are is exactly what we wanted to be just as we are. We are perfectly imperfect on purpose. This enables us to view ourselves and our world in our own chosen way as our spiritual challenge to find the unique value in ourselves and grow in wisdom and strength that our experiences can offer us. Our inner God keeps urging us to wake up to our inner power and ability but our self created belief system keeps raining on our parade. This is the game of life, to first believe how difficult it is and at the same time encouraging us to realize how simple and easy it can be any time we chose to accept our inner power and take response-ability for remembering who and what we really are, a Divine Being with unlimited power and ability to change our inner war into a loving person that has decided to be in charge of how they use their inner power to feel good about themselves, love themselves and create what they really want, simply and easily.
Here is the 7th Way of Light
Way of the Alchemist
The All-Chemist is the master of vibration who is on the path of self-actualization, enlightenment, and personal reality creation. They intend to unlock their highest potential in all spiritual and physical endeavors.
Creed: To transmute consciousness into higher states of frequency out of unconditional love, understanding and wisdom
Archetypal Images:
The Outlaw (core desire: Revolution, to overturn what isn’t working. core fear: To be powerless or ineffectual.)
The Magician (core desire: Understanding the fundamental laws of the universe. core fear: unintended negative consequences.)
Element: Void (Operating from Soul Consciousness)
Mental Alchemy – Shifting into different mental states while redirecting etheric energy in chakras towards more positive ends
Universal Oneness – Connecting with the collective mind of the Universe, releasing all resistance and simply flowing with All that is.
Identity Integration – Becoming conscious of past life and higherself identities/perspectives and integrating them into the personality in a cohesive manner.
Merkabah Travel – The evoking of the inherent and limitless inter-dimensional vehicle that every Soul may use upon full realization of the sacred male and female energies present within their being.
Quantum Jumping – The deliberate moving between different parallel universes in which a different set of events will take place.
Lightweaving – The creation of various thought form sigils that can directly shift the vibrations of the mental environment and physically manifest a positive effect into being.
Each of these techniques are taught with the intention for each one to be used positively and for the greater good of all. If any of these methods are used towards harmful or negative ends, the universe will amplify and reflect these intentions back towards the user. Know that if this does occur, it was your decision to experience this in entirety and will still ultimately positively expand Consciousness through the learning of personal lessons and working through Karma. Just be aware of the consequences of your actions.

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