Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Life is not diificuilt

If there is a way to make our life more enjoyable, and there is, why don’t more of us take advantage of it? The answer is, we don’t believe and trust that it really can be as simple and easy as we are told it can be, we doubt that it really works. We have been told by almost everyone that life is difficult and an on going struggle. Most of us heard our parents talking about how much effort it takes to survive and provide the necessities that are necessary, how much everything is so expensive and  how they need to make more money to be able to buy what they really want how they would like to be able to enjoy the luxuries that they see other people have that they don’t. We also hear and are told how important it is to be frugal because money is hard to come by. We seldom hear that life is what we make it and that we can have anything we want if we believe in our self and trust in our ability. So most of us have developed a belief system that keeps telling us that life is difficult  and a constant struggle and abundance is for the few luck ones. For a lot of us, feel good means a drink or so or a smoke, we don’t really believe that all we need to do is change the way we think, change our intention and we can change our life. It’s that simple and that easy, Just do it and decide to feel good because you can.
Here is #6 of a Way of Light.
Way of the Luminist
This is the being who raises consciousness by authentically embodying their true selves and radiating their creativity, love and truth into the world with knowledge that they are one with all of it. The Luminist will strive to be honest with themselves, act on their highest excitement in every moment and always move towards what they truly love to do in life.
Creed: To be an expanding conscious light in all dimensions that one operates in.
Archetypal Images:
The Jester (core desire: To live in the moment with full enjoyment core fear: Being bored or boring others)
The Inventor (core desire: To create things of enduring value core fear: Mediocre vision or execution)
Element: Ether/Akasha
Sol Work – The process of realizing what we are here to create as well as aligning with our true selves.
Satori – Being here and now with what is.
Mantra – The use of voice and thought to bring about positive vibrational change in the surrounding mental and physical environment via repetitive phrase or affirmation.
White Ring – The graceful control of energy work through the use of infinite imagination and toroidal mechanics.
Soulspeak – The development of a personal and mentor relationship with the Higherself.
Akasha Access – Directly experiencing the Akasha through perception change and thought direction.

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