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Path to follow

Doubts, fears, anger,frustration, confusion, futility, sadness, judgement, comparing, worry,punishment, failure, resentment, low self worth, doom, disaster, suffering, all and any negative thoughts are all expressions of our mind. We make them real by thinking them. If we didn’t think about them they wouldn’t exist. These thoughts are things we learned from others, we didn’t bring any of them to this world, we learned them from other people, our parents, our relatives, our teachers, our peers, television, movies, the media all learned and accepted by us, from someone or something outside of us. They are only real as long as we believe them to be true. What if we decided to stop accepting them as our truths and instead saw everything as an opportunity to learn something valuable from everything that would make us feel good because we looked for and found something of value. What if we used our judgement as a tool to improve our life and our world? Wow! what an idea and all it would take is a conscious choice to change the way we think, It’s time to learn, by practice, to become the master of our own mind. This takes a positive intention and lots of practice, but it’s sure worth it. 

Here is #3 of the Light path.

Way of the Transient
This being is the manifestation of freedom, as it moves through all the various planes of reality to experience all there is to see with no limitation.

Creed: To explore and interact with familiar and unfamiliar forms of consciousness in order to understand and gain more perspective.

Archetypal Images:

The Explorer (core desire: Freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world. core fear: Getting trapped, conformity, inner emptiness.)

The Lover (core desire: Intimacy and experience. core fear: Being alone/unwanted.)

Element: Air


Lucid Dreaming – The act of consciously dreaming in order to explore ones own consciousness and possibly interact with others through dreams.

Tunneling – The process of creating gates and tunnels through which to transmute your energies into new vibrational states, thus tuning you into other dimensions.

Phasing – The act of shifting Focus to communicate in a much more streamlined fashion with other dimensions.

Bi-location/Body of Light – The process of consciously creating a second energy body and moving ones consciousness into it temporarily.

Companion Creation – The creation of a somewhat complex thought form with a personality to accompany and assist you on your astral journeys.

Traditional OBE – The act of separating from the physical body via sleep paralysis. 

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