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Our belief’s

Generally we have an interesting problem. We don’t really believe that we have unlimited power, we don’t believe that we are a Divine being pretending that we are a human. We don’t believe that we chose to be exactly what we are as a spiritual challenge. Instead we believe that we are a human trying to become more spiritually consciously aware. We like the idea that we can manifest the life we really want the way we want it, but we don’t really believe it, so no matter how hard we try to accept these wonderful ideas of being divine, we keep struggling with what appears to us as our fate. We are kind of like an unlit bomb and can’t find the fuse or know how to light it. We need to change our doubts and feelings of being a limited human and focus on trust and faith. ‘ I AM, I CAN, and I WILL” needs to be attached to our use of “I don’t do that any more, I AM feeling good.!” to convince our old belief system that there is a new person in charge and we’re not playing poor me any longer. Accept and own your innate power, use it consciously, it’s our movie and lets make it a spiritual extravaganza. Just do it!
Here is what Kryon has to say:
Potentials Are Reality 
From Kryon Live Channel “Hard Science” 
July 2010 in Sedona, AZ
The future, which you think has not happened yet, exists as a potential in a multidimensional state, and you are pulling toward it. So we see it as existing now, and you see it as something mysterious. Does energy exist? Does a quantum state exist? Physicists will say yes. Therefore, dear ones, potentials are reality.
  ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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