Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Life Changing Process

A fact that we forget and/or ignore is that we come to earth to play the human game, in our own way, and arrive with 100% power to accomplish our goals. We come prepared and fully capable and then our human game commences. We love a spiritual challenge and a lots of us are so positive that we can over come all and any difficulties,l that we at times may create severe physical and/or mental limitations as our challenge, just to see how we may choose to deal with them. We may also do this to give others an opportunity for them to see how they mat choose to deal with us and our chosen condition. It’s valuable to all of us to remember and accept that we came here with unlimited power and we still have that power. The interesting thing to consider is how are we using this unlimited power, for us or against us? To learn from our challenges or to feel victimized by this game of life? I repeat: It’s time that we take control of our life and our world. It’s time for us to transform powerless into powerful. We are such a trip, we choose to be born so we can learn from our choices and then we choose to be victims to what we think is wrong with us, what we think we should be so we can be worthy of getting from others what we deny giving to ourselves. We don’t like a lot of the stuff that keeps happening in this world we are a part of. We would like to live up to our potential and live in a more peaceful and loving world, but we don’t and we do little or nothing about it but complain. After all what can we do? We are just a person and the majority of us doubt that we can make much of a change in ourselves let alone make a difference in the world in general. So we remain in doubt, fear and frustration and accept that we are victims to problems that are bigger than we are. What if we decided to change the way we think and become the incredible person we came here to be and became instrumental in inspiring others to do the same. When enough of the people of this world do exactly that, the world and its people will become what we came here to be, Loving people in a loving and peaceful world. Actually this is happening slowly, so the more we can inspire others to join the ‘Life Changing Process’, the sooner it will become what we came here to manifest. We are on our way, all it takes is numbers. 
Here is what Kryon has to say about power. This is what we are a part of and it’s ours to use to create awareness and solutions, and it’s available to all of us.
Quantum Soup of Energy 
From Kryon Live Channel, “Soul Journeying 1” 
March 2014 in Auckland, NZ 
 The creative source of the Universe always was and always will be. That which you call the Creative Source, which you have labeled God or Spirit, is what we are talking about right now. You might say that this concept is comprised of pieces of all that is, and you’d be right. Even before this Universe existed, this source was there. It is responsible for all that exists anywhere, including the universes that existed before yours and that coexist with yours now. It’s responsible for things you know and things you know nothing about and never will. This is the Creative Source, which you call God. It’s a quantum soup of energy, which is beyond your known physics. 
 ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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