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Love & Fear

The balance of Love and Fear is a power we need to consider.Fear is based on judgment and Love is based on acceptance. When we are focused on self acceptance as is and look for the value of what we are, just as we are and find it we have fulfilled our essential purpose. This accomplishment frees us from self judgment and changes judgment into interest. Our life and all of our encounters with experience have always had built in value and now we are recognizing it. Once we decide to do that and succeed at it, we can now see everyone else with the same vision. We are all playing this game the best we know how to and we all will eventually achieve the same awareness. How long it may take us and them is an individual quest and doesn’t matter at all it’s just another judgement trap. So to begin, when ever you feel judgmental on the negative side, practice finding the same amount of positive attributes and create balance. It’s always available we just haven’t practiced it and that’s the truth. Existence does not create anything that isn’t in balance. Lets practice finding it and make it a fun game.
Here is Kryon about truth.

Refresh Your Truth
From Kryon Channel, “Soul Communication 2”

There may be challenges along the way, dear ones, and there will be those of you who say, “Civilization is going backwards.” I want you to use common sense. When you recalibrate an entire earth and include the recalibration of Human consciousness, there will be a lot of those who go into frustration. There will be challenge. The old ways don’t work anymore. You’re going to see splits in everything, even the new age. I’ve told you that. This message will not sit well with those who are invested in old teaching and tradition. But it will be seen as a revelation to those who will allow it.

Refresh your truth!

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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