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Feel Good Time

The more we choose to feel good, the better everything gets. So how are you doing with this ‘Feel Good”  game? I know it works for me, so I know that the more we choose to use it the less energy we have to use to play our old shame and blame game. When we realize that with a little effort we are being less judgmental and more understanding of what others are doing. We are learning and growing and so is everyone else. We just need to accept that all of us are slowly and surely in the process of becoming more consciously aware and then love and appreciation them for their efforts acknowledging that they are making an effort in their way and in their own time and .and supporting their efforts. When we can recognize our efforts and be more patient with our progress, then we can be more patient with them and their progress. Until we can recognizable the changes in us and others we are most likely still stuck in negative judgment. Every little bit helps all of us and when we choose to look for it we will find it, it feels good to see the way we and others are doing our best to make life an enjoyable game instead of the old game of shame and blame, every little bit helps. Here is what the Oracle has to say about the  Moon in Virgo and what it has to offer us..
New Moon Phase: Set or Re-set Intentions
Moon in Virgo ~ Tuesday, July 29, 2014
Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (The Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart)
Skill: allow “alchemy of the heart”
Negative Imprint: lost in the past, neglect, trendy, special privileges
Positive Imprint: acceptance, seeing patterns, finding new ways, rebirth, new self image.
Today our hearts undergo healing. You may even feel a twinge or tweak in your heart sometime today. If so, don’t be alarmed. You are feeling the energetic re-patterning that is part of the process of change that is in full force this year. It’s an “alchemy of the heart” that produces lion-heartedness.
In the process, however, traumas of the heart – places we were hurt – rise up. We can easily tumble into the deep canyon of an underworld today. This is happening because the fierce heart that is settling in requires the room these heartaches are occupying, so to speak. Emotional pain is being moved out, making way for an inspirational breath that ignites the heart. So, if emotions, especially emotions about things from the past, come up today, let them be. Allow them to rise up to the surface, but keep it as appropriate as possible. This is a deeply personal experience that doesn’t need to filter into daily business. Honor your feelings but don’t let them overtake you. Excuse yourself if necessary. Remember that even though you might be taking a journey through a deep canyon today, in truth you are the solid and ancient rock formation that towers over that canyon and can return there at any time.
Part of today’s energy sparks us to find new ways – new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking, new ways of relating, new ways for the future. [my emphasis-L]
In the latest audio recording I discuss how the Sacred Masculine is being heavily activated over this lunar month. This is enhanced today by Neptune’s movement to a different degree in the sky. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “a parade of army officers in full dress.” This energy, in its myriad forms, invokes duty to protect and uphold the value of life and all that is true and beautiful about life. The energy respects the respectful. It rails against anything that smacks of special privilege – particularly if it comes at the expense of another. The spirit of the sacred masculine sees right through parades (charades) of pride that are not based on true hearts. You may notice this theme in your own feelings about situations in your life or as the events of the world unfold.
No matter where your heart takes you today, understand that it is sparking you to greater experience. It’s the path of the lionhearted.
(Note: Pain from the past surfaces for healing today courtesy the energy of the South Node conjunct Eris.)
Oracle Report 

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