Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Our brain is our memory, judgmental, protective, support system, it’s job is to guide us through life in the way it has learned to do from our emotional input. It categorizes our reactions and how we feel about our experiences and then places our reactions into categories of good and bad, right and wrong because of what we originally believed they were. Our brain is on the job reminding us that what we thought was true is still true and how we chose to react originally, is still the way to act, so under stress or in reaction under stress, our brain automatically reacts from what it already has been programmed to do and we repeat what we have done in similar situations. Our brain is constantly on the job of life control and survival, it also can keep us in accepted limitation, we are creatures of habit, we are what we think we are. Actually we are far more than we think we are and we need to give our brain time off. To do this we learn to meditate, to stop thinking and spend some time just being what we really are when we aren’t our brain. Not thinking, just being, making room for guides to inspire us, giving our minds and our bodies a well deserved rest. 
MEDITATION ~ Why You Need To Do It Especially Now.
We are all experiencing ascension symptoms in one way or another. Our chakra system is being upgraded from a 7 primary chakra system to a 13 chakra system. Meditation is an essential aid for riding the waves of ascension. Here’s a reminder of the benefits of meditation. 10 minutes twice a day is all it takes to smooth the way for a graceful transformation. It is also a goal to become a walking, conscious meditation.    .

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