Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Love embraces you

The cohesive force force of the universe, the power that keeps it all together and functioning, is love. Our inner power is love, the more we love ourselves the stronger w become and the more love we attract. When we choose to be positive and find the value of ourselves, our life and our world it’s a loving jester. When we choose to accept that everyone is doing their best and instead of judging them we send them light and love, we are doing what we can to lighten their load and supporting their ability to find more of their strength to be more loving as well. We love the spiritual challenge we have to understand and take advantage of our creation of our self and we appreciate the fact that everyone else is doing the same thing in their own way the increase of energy that is being expressed in our world is an increase of love..
Here is a excerpt of a channeling from Jesus through John Smallman about love.
The Tsunami of Love now embracing the illusion is intensifying because so many of you have made the choice to choose Love instead of fear. Fear has not yet totally dissolved, it takes hold of you in moments of doubt and anxiety, but your intent to be loving disarms it, and so it is dissolving, along with the whole illusory nightmare in which it seems you have been enfolded against your will for eons.
Your absolutely crucial daily period of prayer, relaxation, contemplation, or meditation – what you call it is immaterial – when you intend to be aware of God’s Love for you, and when you commune with your favorite angels, guides, or mentors in the spiritual realms provides you with the mightiness of intent to bring you to the moment of awakening.
The time for pain, suffering, betrayal, conflict, and war is coming to an end. There is no one on Earth who is unaware of the insanity of your modern technological methods of warfare, and the numbers of those who would engage in it are steadily dwindling.
Those who are still engaged with supporting and advancing the military/industrial labyrinth, or who are just earning their livings by working in it, are increasingly aware of what an ungainly and uncontrollable monster it has become. There are very few who are not questioning the way it has absorbed them into its dark and forbidding corridors as they look for ways to escape from it or disable it.
The Love that you embrace, share, and extend to all is sweeping away the last remnants of the foundations on which the illusion was built. An illusion dissolves when it is seen for what it is, and that is what is occurring now as the final wars and conflicts enter into a phase of self-destructive collapse or melt-down from which they will not recover.
Love embraces you, Love enfolds you, Love is your nature, and in Its Presence anything that is not aligned with it disintegrates because there is nothing apart from It. The Love within each one of you is determined to shine forth, and there is nothing that can prevent that from happening. You are about to blow your minds and find yourselves One with God.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

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