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Years ago I hung out and listened to Sri Niirsgardata Maharaj , known as ‘The Bedi Baba’, an enlightened spiritual master and the author of two books,I AM THAT I AM, which should be read by all, for a too brief time.. There was only12 or so of us every day sharing in his wisdom and brilliance, only two or three of us were westerners. One day a man from England asked him, with a sincere and serious  expression, ” Maharaja, with all of the negativity in this world; the violence, killings,rapes, the terrible atrocities that are happening, what should we think about them and what should we do about them?” The answer was ” It’s all entertainment, we are divine beings pretending that we are humans and how we choose to act, what we choose to do is free will and from the spiritual view it’s human stupidity, and entertaining that people use free will to be destructive instead of choosing to feel good.” God, Conscious Awareness, is the I AM THAT I AM reality and so is everything, It is important to understand that and choose to repeat it aloud often. Here is an I AM channeling that may inspire you to do so.
Enjoy this discussion of Light that is transfiguring each person and the whole of the Earth.
Shares with Love,
I KNOW and ACCEPT that contained within this flowing electronic pattern of Light is everything necessary to Transfigure the entire physical realm into the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. This unfathomable Light contains everything necessary to set straight the orbit, spin, and electronic charge of every cell, atom, and electron of Life on the old Earth. I feel all energy bonds within the atomic realm now Ascending in vibration toward the frequency of infinite physical perfection. Every cell of Life is now blazing with the full perfection of 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light.
Within my I AM Presence, I AM the Ascension Flame and the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Frequencies of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity blazing through every interaction within Humanity and all of the energy bonds therein—this includes the relationships of all people, organizations, races, religions, and nations—liberating these interactions into the harmony of a Higher Order of Being, expanding the Sphere of Humanity’s I AM Presence on Earth.
Within the Peace of the Great Solar Quiet, I AM aware of this Higher Reality. I AM now clearly receiving the Divine Promptings, Ideas, and Concepts of my I AM Presence. Daily and hourly, through the Gift of the Ascension Flame, I AM experiencing the Higher Reality of the New Earth within my heart and mind.
I AM now a living, Light-filled Temple of Vibrant Health, Eternal Youth, God’s Infinite Abundance, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Happiness, and Abounding Joy. I AM my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of I AM Consciousness now made manifest on the New Earth.  And so it is.
~Ascending Into Your I Am Presence by Patricia Cota-Robles 

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